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NFC (Near Field Communication)

CCL Healthcare offers Near Field Communication (NFC) technology as a part of its smart packaging solutions for the healthcare industry. NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables two devices to exchange data when they are in close proximity, usually within a few centimeters.

Near Field Communication technology is incorporated into packaging materials, such as medicine bottles, blister packs, or cartons, to enable patients and healthcare providers to access important information about the medication and its usage. By tapping their NFC-enabled smartphones or tablets on the package, users can access a range of information, including dosage instructions, expiry dates, and safety warnings.

Our technology provides a convenient and secure way to access medication information without the need for additional devices or internet connectivity. It also enables pharmaceutical companies to track medication usage, monitor patient adherence, and provide personalized support to patients.

NFC-enabled smart packaging solutions help improve medication adherence, reduce the risk of medication errors, and provide patients with greater control over their healthcare

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CCL Healthcare is market leader custom cGMP printed packaging solutions. We offer the industries largest array of printed packaging and  functional secondary packaging products. The products shown on the website are only a small sampling of the formats, constructions, and configurations. To discuss your unique or custom packaging needs, please contact a packaging specialist.

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