Cryogenic Labels: The Ultimate Solution for Below-Freezing Environments

In the realm of scientific research, medical laboratories, and pharmaceutical industries, the need to store and transport materials at extremely low temperatures is becoming increasingly prevalent. Cryogenic storage, with temperatures ranging from -90°C to -70°C, and even dropping as low as -135°C to -190°C in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen, poses unique challenges for labeling and packaging solutions. Enter cryogenics labels – specially designed labels that can withstand the extreme cold and maintain their integrity, ensuring vital information remains intact throughout the freezing process. 

Challenges of Cryogenic Temperatures

The challenges associated with cryogenic temperatures are significant. Conventional labels often fail to adhere to frost, and the inks used may smear or scratch off, rendering the label illegible. Rapidly transitioning a label from room temperature to cryogenic conditions can lead to flagging, where the label’s edges lift or peel, compromising the label’s functionality. 

Cryogenics Hanger label - Cryogenics Labels

The Right Cryogenic Labeling Solution: CCL Healthcare

Amid these challenges, CCL Healthcare stands out as a trailblazer in the field of commercialized cryogenic labeling. Our team of cryogenic labeling engineers has invested extensive effort into testing and perfecting materials and adhesives that guarantee superior performance in cryogenic environments. 

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of cryogenic packaging solutions, each rigorously tested to withstand the freezing temperatures. Our cryogenic labels are crafted with top-quality materials, adhesives, inks, and imprinting options, ensuring they meet the stringent demands of cryogenic storage. 

Custom-Designed Cryogenic Labels

At CCL Healthcare, innovation is at the core of what we do. Our commitment to meeting our customers’ specific requirements drives us to custom-design product lines, catering to a wide array of cryogenic labeling and packaging needs. Whether you need booklet labels, flag labels, neck hanger labels, or any other specialized solution, our team can craft the perfect cryogenic label for your application. 

Cryogenics Flag label - Cryogenics Labels
Cryogenics slit label - Cryogenics Labels

Uncompromising Quality and Standards

As a market leader in cryogenic label manufacturing, CCL Healthcare maintains uncompromising quality standards. We invest heavily in vision verification systems to set the industry benchmark for pharmaceutical printing. Our manufacturing facilities operate under cGMP and ISO standards, ensuring that every aspect of production adheres to strict guidelines. Temperature and humidity-controlled environments, along with fully segregated manufacturing areas, ensure the highest quality output for our customers. 

Global Presence, Personalized Service

With 35+ specialized healthcare sites globally, CCL Healthcare boasts an extensive network of experienced staff who provide top-tier service, technical expertise, and unparalleled product innovation. Our team is dedicated to surpassing our customers’ quality expectations, delivering solutions that not only withstand cryogenic temperatures but also align perfectly with their unique needs. 


When it comes to cryogenics labels, trust the expertise and reliability of CCL Healthcare. Our commitment to innovation, stringent quality standards, and personalized service make us the ultimate partner in addressing the challenges of cryogenic environments. Choose CCL Healthcare for cryogenic labeling solutions that deliver unparalleled performance and peace of mind. 

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