Our Commitment to Sustainability

CCL Healthcare, part of CCL Industries, is committed to preserve the environment and invest in a sustainable future for us all. As part of a global corporation, we have formed a joined statement supporting our goals on sustainability.

“CCL will limit industrial waste ending up in the environment or in landfills by implementing waste reduction strategies. We are setting goals of cutting today’s level of waste to landfill by 90% globally by 2025”.

Clean Manufacturing & Energy Reduction ​

CCL Healthcare is investing in resource saving technologies and waste reducing processes at our facilities worldwide. By focusing on engineering with more efficient manufacturing, we can offer our customers the best solutions to meet their sustainable packaging needs, and meet their own sustainability goals.

Sustainability is about more than just conservation; it also means being responsible corporate citizens while producing quality products. A key part of this process is working internally with employees and externally with our supply chain partners to create more efficient and environmentally friendly options for our customers. We are working to decrease the impact of transportation, reduce waste, and increase the use of sustainable alternatives within our supply chain.

Being a socially responsible corporation means that we have fair labour practices, maintain safe workplaces, and give back to our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Sustainable Packaging by Design ​

CCL Healthcare offers a sustainable packaging audit service to our customers to evaluate their product lines and recommend changes to align with their sustainability goals. The results can involve creating a new construction, modifying a current construction, eliminating colors, optimizing printing webs and printed sheets, changing adhesives, and use materials that are friendlier to the recycling process to help our customers move towards their goals of a sustainable package.

Responsibly Sourced Material

Climate change and depletion of resources will affect us all if we are not working collaboratively towards a more sustainable future. Environmental protection has long been a part of our strategic plan but we have increased our focus on key ecological factors while building a vision for our future. We have already made improvements in our use of natural resources, but we strive to do more. CCL is utilizing capital investment, process improvement and supply chain management to reduce our carbon footprint.

Liner Recycling

CCL has launched a liner waste collect and recycle system where we help you and the environment by eliminating liner waste. We are working closely with our suppliers and customers to reduce our environmental footprint and this program was designed to contribute to that. How does it work? Easy! You collect the liner waste coming from your machines when putting the labels on the final product. We collect the combined waste and turn it into a new product. Together we can eliminate waste and reach our sustainability goals.

Landfill Avoidance

In 2019, CCL invested in greenhouse gas tracking software to monitor and report emissions from our global operations. Waste reduction is a priority: diverting waste currently being sent to landfill to recycling and incineration, reducing costs by minimizing waste generation at source and, where viable, reusing or selling manufacturing by-products.

2020 Sustainability Report

CCL Industries 2020 Sustainability Report

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