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Near Field Communication (NFC) Packaging

What is the difference between NFC and RFID?

NFC is a subset of RFID which uses proximity with a one way communication to the reader. The reader is generally a mobile device. NFC has a distance of 10 centimeters or less hence the name near field communication. NFC is an ideal application for the last mile of the supply chain. Because it has to be scanned in close proximity and requires line of sight the information on the NFC Label cannot be captured from a distance. To learn more about the difference between RFID and NFC read our blog article titled Difference between RFID and NFC.

NFC labels are not a new concept by any means. NFC has been around and in use for decades. The most common use for NFC is mobile payments and transportation pass. The technology has been proven to be safe and secure allowing hundreds millions of dollars of transactions to occur every year without the threat of theft. 

In the packaging world NFC is the most secure and consumer friendly type of end-to-end communication for smart packaging in the market. With advancements in both microprocessing chips and software, NFC has become the ultimate go-to smart packing for the last mile of the supply chain. NFC makes the perfect smart packaging option for authentication, consumer engagement, patient adherence, medication education, tamper evidence, improving health outcomes and more.

If you want to learn more about NFC packaging solutions please contact a packaging specialist or explore or NFC Solutions.


The DoseID Consortium is a self-governing consortium established to unify the industry around an approach to serialized, RFID-tagged pharmaceutical products.

NFC use cases

Intelligent Medication Packages

Clinical Trials

Engagement and Promotions

More About NFC

Tamper evident labels or Tamper resistance labels are the first layer of protection to a package. Tamper evident labels can be designed from a large array of substrates, and can combine more than one security feature, through a layered approach, to strengthen the protection of the package.

  • Carton Seals indicate if a product has been tampered with by leaving behind a void message, label material, or noticeably damaging the packaging.
  • Void Labels identify a compromised item by leaving a message on both the label and the item that it is adhered to. The void label can be printed with custom messages, logos, or images which provides additional security
  • Tamper Evident Shrink Labels are void labels that can be produced in a full graphic body shrink. Integrating this security feature into an aesthetically pleasing package. Shrink void labels are a great solution for tamper evident bands for bottles. 

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• Over 30 cGMP manufacturing facilities globally.
• 2mL sized integrated RFID labels, enabling fast packaging line speeds with the lowest financial impact.
• The most rigorous RFID inspection on the market, yielding a verified 99.9% operable labels at shipment.
• Over 1 million dollars new RFID investment in September 2020 with installation Q2 2021.
• Strong relationships with inlay and equipment manufacturers to able to customize at the product level or machinery level.
• Ability to use current adhesives of an existing label spec.
• CCL’s current RFID converting facility is in Hightstown, NJ.
• 17 years of experience converting RFID tags.
• RFID encoding.
• Encoding with matching serialized 2d barcodes.
•Plans for 3x RFID capacity expansion by Q3 2021.
• Customer commitment (PO), CCL will expand RFID converting operations globally.  

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