Inverted Hanger Labels


Inverted Hanger Labels

Intravenous Hanger Label or Inverted Hanger label as known as IVHL combines a label with a built-in hanging device for intravenous bottles and provides significant cost savings and ease of use. IVHL can be constructed using single-ply with a die cut hanger, 2-ply, and 3-ply with attached hangers. IVHL’s can also be combined with booklets, leaflets, or peel off sections. Available with variable data and serialization.

 IVHL label’s are made of an ultra strong and robust materials and adhesives and have successfully tested in compliance with ISO 15137:2005. IVHL labels are for use on glass and plastic bottles up to 1000 ml.

Inverted Hanging Labels (IVHL)

Simplify your packaging line by eliminating the need to apply separate mechanical hanging system to glass bottles used for intravenous infusion applications.  CCL Label’s Inverted Hanging Label construction combine a secure hanging system with the graphics of a primary label in a single- function construction.  

The benefits include:

  • Labeling information and hanger are combined reducing inventory costs and complexity of managing separate components. Fewer components also translate into a more environmentally friendly solution.
  • No expensive equipment modifications required. CCL’s IVHL designs can be applied using your existing labeling equipment.
  • Bottles labeled with a CCL IVHL can be automatically case-packed improving your production line efficiency, and labor costs associated with affixing a separate mechanical hanging device are eliminated.
  • IVHL’s are custom designed to meet your specific needs—single hooks, twin hooks, gradient markings, leaflets attached, etc.

IVHL Constructions

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