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We Provide Superior Inverted Hanger Labels

CCL Healthcare’s inverted hanger labels (IVHLs) seamlessly combine a high-quality label with a built-in hanging mechanism designed explicitly for intravenous bottles. This innovative integration offers significant cost savings and ease of use. Our IVHLs cater to a range of needs. They are available in single-ply with a die-cut hanger or in more robust two- and 3-ply versions with attached hangers. They can also be combined with booklets, leaflets or peel-off sections and feature variable data and serialization for enhanced tracking and compliance.

Benefits of Inverted Hanging Labels

Traditional IV bottle labeling requires separate hangers, adding complexity and cost to your production line. CCL Healthcare’s hanger labels eliminate the need for separate mechanical hanging systems, integrating the label and hanger into a single functional unit. This construction translates into numerous benefits, such as:

Durability and compliance

Constructed from ultra-strong materials and adhesives, our hanger labels have been rigorously tested and fully comply with ISO 15137:2005 standards. They are suitable for glass and plastic bottles, supporting up to 1,000ml.

Reduced complexity

Labeling information and hanging functionality are combined, reducing inventory costs and the complexity of managing separate components. 

Environmental consideration

Fewer components translate into a more environmentally friendly solution

Equipment compatibility

Our IVHLs can be applied with existing labeling equipment, eliminating the cost and hassle of expensive equipment upgrades or modifications. 

Operational efficiency

Automatic case-packing is possible, improving line efficiency and lowering labor costs by removing the need for separate hanging mechanisms.

Tailored products

CCL Healthcare’s IVHLs are custom-designed to include single or twin hooks, gradient markings and additional informational leaflets, ensuring they meet your specific requirements.

Pressure Sensitive Questions?

Not sure of what you need for your application ? One of our packaging specialist will be glad to help.

Why Choose Us for Your Inverted Hanger Label Needs?

CCL Healthcare stands out as the leading provider of inverted hanger labels, offering tailored solutions that meet the healthcare industry’s specific needs. Here is why you should be confident partnering with us:

  • Unmatched expertise: With over 65 years of experience in pharmaceutical packaging and labeling, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop the ideal IVHL solution for your specific application.
  • Uncompromising compliance and quality assurance: Our IVHLs are produced in compliance with ISO 15137:2005 standards. Each label meets stringent quality and durability requirements and performs consistently under the rigorous demands of healthcare environments.
  • Sustainability commitment: We are committed to reducing environmental impact. Our integrated label and hanger solutions minimize waste and resource usage to align with your sustainability goals.
  • Global support with local service: With facilities worldwide, we provide the benefits of a global leader while maintaining a local partner’s personalized service and support.
  • Focus on innovation: We are constantly innovating and developing new IVHL solutions to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s ever-evolving needs. 

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