Clinical Trial Labels


Clinical Trial Labels

CCL Healthcare offers complete clinical labeling solutions internationally, including clinical booklet labels, conventional clinical labels and unblinded labels. CCL Healthcare is one of the leading clinical trial packaging companies with the highest quality clinical trial packaging products. We deliver with urgency and accuracy 100% of the time.

Clinical Label Material Assurance

When contracting with CCL Healthcare for conventional labels or multi-page booklet labels for clinical trials, you will always receive the highest quality labels available today. Our label stocks are specifically designed for use by clinical supply departments. We maintain a large inventory of standard conventional items. 

Suppose you have specific needs for customized labels. In that case, our design specialists can always find a solution that will incorporate the appropriate face sheet and adhesive combinations that will meet your requirements. 

We can deliver labels in fanfolds for hand application or rolls for hand or automatic application. When you contract with CCL Healthcare, we ensure the quality of our clinical trial packaging services is built into every finished product and every step of the manufacturing process.

What Are the Labeling Requirements for Clinical Trials?

The label must contain specific information to identify the trial and provide clear instructions for use. Here are the key components typically required on the label:

Name and address of the sponsor

The label should prominently display the name and address of the organization or entity sponsoring the clinical trial. This information helps identify who is conducting and overseeing the study. 

Protocol number

Each clinical trial gets a unique protocol number, which serves as an identifier for the study. Including the protocol number on the label helps professionals reference and follow the correct study. 

The trial phase

The clinical trial phase is an important piece of information indicating the stage of development and testing the investigational product has reached. The label should clearly state the phase — phase I, phase II or phase III — to provide context for the study. 

Clear instructions for use

The label on the clinical packaging must provide clear and concise instructions for how to use and administer the product. This includes information on dosage, frequency, route of administration and any special considerations or precautions.

Pressure Sensitive Questions?

Not sure of what you need for your application ? One of our packaging specialist will be glad to help.

Look to Our Trusted Professionals for Service Excellence

We love working with clients in the fast-paced field of clinical research. Pushing the boundaries of science is exciting and challenging. The customer service team at CCL Healthcare understands the complexity involved in clinical drug trials and the vital support role we play in the process. 

Each member of our contract services organization is rigorously trained in the science of clinical labeling and works closely with our executive staff to understand your needs. We provide comprehensive solutions and add value with our knowledge and understanding of the clinical trial process.

When you contract with CCL Healthcare, you will work with professionals completely versed in your needs. Each has the backing and resources of the entire CCL Healthcare team to deliver the solutions unique to your trial challenges. Contact our specialists to learn more. 

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