Expanded Content Labels


What are Expanded Content Labels (ECL's)

Extended or expanded content labels also known as ECL’s, booklet labels, wrap around labels, multi-ply labels, piggy back labels, leaflet labels, foldout labels, or hinged label are the perfect cost effective multi-page solution suitable for a wide variety of packaging types that require multilingual and additional regulatory information. As a pioneer in the expanded content label space, CCL Healthcare has lead the way in innovation for decades producing the largest selection of formats and configurations in the pharmaceutical and life sciences secondary packaging industry available. This means that no matter the container shape, size, or material, CCL Healthcare can design and manufacture a custom expanded content label solution for you. We offer countless configurations and value added features that can be integrated into expanded content labels. Expanded content labels are available in leaflet or booklets styles. They can be removable or resealable depending on your requirement.

Pharmaceutical Expanded Content Label Products

ECL’s not only display large amounts of information to meet regulatory demands but they can be printed with full graphics that will produce the stopping power needed on retail shelves. The combination of a booklet or leaflet streamlines the packaging process, eliminating other components which increases productivity, lowers cost, and can be an environmentally sustainable solution. ECL’s can be dispensed on standard labeling equipment, this means no re-tooling.

Looking for a solution for multiple languages in one label? ECL’s are your solution. ECL’s can provide up to 184 pages of content space on the label, allowing room for directions for use, instructions for use, multiple languages and promotional campaigns.  ECL’s are the perfect solutions for OTC or RX medication that require extra consumer content, directions for use, education, or promotions. This diversity allows the label to be placed on small, large, round, square, curved, or uniquely shaped bottles, cartons, and containers. They are cost-effective, secure, and user-friendly. 

Pharmaceutical Expanded Content Label Products

Extended Content Labels, why CCL is the right choice for your next project?

CCL Healthcare specializes in printing pharmaceutical and healthcare ECL’s for patient and physician information as well as Direction for Use (DFU) and Information for Use (IFU). Our global facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art printing equipment leading the market in innovation by increasing the max panel counts, designing new formats, pre-serialize, or new constructions. CCL Healthcare is constantly evolving and innovating its products.  Our product engineers take the initiative to customize machinery to develop new innovative and cutting edge label and packaging products. Our label and packaging product lines are custom-designed, specifically to customers’ formats and requests. The expanded content label product line includes, expanded content booklet labels, expanded content leaflet labels,  Multi-Wrap Expanded Content Labels, Wrap Around Labels, Multi-Ply Labels, Encapsulated ECL’s and other custom products. When it comes to quality CCL Healthcare is the market leader investing heavily into vision verification systems and establishing the standard for pharmaceutical printing in the industry. The standard includes ensuring every product is 100% electronically verified and documented for traceability. We manufacture under cGMP and ISO standards in temperature and humidity controlled facilities. Our dedicated quality assurance team and production departments follow strict SOPs and CSPs in fully segregated manufacturing areas. Our global presence and manufacturing footprint allows you to go global with 34+ specialized healthcare sites. Our experienced staff provide the highest level of service, technical expertise, and product innovation anywhere you are.

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