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ECL Printing Overview

At CCL Healthcare, we are committed to innovation and excellence in developing packaging solutions. We specialize in producing expanded content labels that meet the highest industry standards.

What Are Expanded Content Labels (ECLs)?

Extended or expanded content labels are also known as booklet, multi-ply, wrap-around, leaflet, foldout, piggyback or hinged labels. They offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for packaging requiring extensive multilingual and regulatory information.

As a pioneer in extended content label development, CCL Healthcare has a long history of innovation. We offer the widest range of ECL formats and configurations in the pharmaceutical and life sciences secondary packaging industry. No matter your container size, shape or material, we can design and manufacture a custom booklet label solution suiting your needs.

Our ECLs come in various configurations, like leaflet or booklet styles, and can include numerous value-added features. Whether you need them to be removable or resealable, our booklet labels are fully customizable. 

Pharmaceutical Expanded Content Label Products

Our expanded content labels display enough information to meet all regulatory demands. They can be printed with full, eye-catching graphics to grab attention on retail shelves. Combining a leaflet or booklet with your label streamlines the packaging process by removing other components. This increases productivity, lowers costs and supports environmental sustainability. ECLs are also compatible with standard labeling equipment, thus eliminating the need for re-tooling.

ECLs offer a convenient labeling solution when multiple languages must be included, providing up to 180 pages of content space. They are ideal for over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription (RX) medications requiring extensive consumer information, directions for use, educational content or promotional material. 

ECLs are a secure, cost-effective and user-friendly option. Their versatility allows them to adapt to various container sizes and shapes. They can be placed on small, large, square, round, curved or other uniquely shaped bottles and containers. 

Pharmaceutical Expanded Content Label Products

Why CCL Healthcare Is the Right Choice for Extended Content Labels

CCL Healthcare understands the critical role clear and comprehensive information plays in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We print high-quality extended content labels to deliver essential details to patients and physicians. Our ECLs are ideal for including extensive Directions for Use (DFU) and Information for Use (IFU) instructions.

Unrivaled Innovation

We are a leader in ECL development, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Our global facilities are equipped with cutting-edge printing equipment that allows us to:

  • Increase the maximum number of panels on an ECL, providing more space for vital information.
  • Design innovative new formats and constructions to meet unique packaging needs.
  • Offer pre-serialized ECL printing for improved security and traceability.

Unmatched Customization

We believe in a collaborative approach. Our dedicated product engineers work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and can customize our printing machinery to develop the ideal ECL solution. Our product line caters to diverse needs, including:

  • Expanded content booklet labels
  • Multi-wrap expanded content labels
  • Expanded content leaflet labels
  • Wrap-around labels
  • Encapsulated ECLs
  • Multi-ply labels and other custom products

Quality You Can Trust

CCL Healthcare sets the benchmark in quality ECL printing. We invest heavily in advanced vision verification systems that ensure every ECL is inspected for 100% accuracy and documented for traceability.

Our manufacturing adheres to strict cGMP and ISO standards within temperature- and humidity-controlled environments. Our dedicated production and quality assurance teams follow strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) and control strategy protocols (CSPs) in segregated manufacturing zones to guarantee product safety and consistency. 

Additionally, our global presence and manufacturing footprint allows you to go global with 34+ specialized health care sites. Our staff offers you technical expertise, premium services and product innovation wherever you are in the world.

Wide ECL Selection

Being the market leader in bespoke cGMP-printed packaging solutions, CCL Healthcare offers the largest selection of printed and functional secondary packaging products. While our website showcases an array of ECL formats, constructions and configurations, this represents only a small fraction of our capabilities. 

Contact CCL Healthcare for Advanced Extended Content Label Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your pharmaceutical packaging with CCL Healthcare’s expanded content labels. Whether you need to meet complex regulatory requirements, maximize retail impact or streamline your packaging process, our innovative ECL solutions can fit your needs. 

Contact our packaging specialists today to explore our extensive range of booklet labels and take advantage of our cutting-edge printing technology. You can also request a quote now and discover how we can help you effectively enhance product communication and consumer engagement.

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CCL Healthcare is market leader custom cGMP printed packaging solutions. We offer the industries largest array of printed packaging and  functional secondary packaging products. The products shown on the website are only a small sampling of the formats, constructions, and configurations. To discuss your unique or custom packaging needs, please contact a packaging specialist.

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