Generic Pharmaceutical

CCL Healthcare has been leading the generic pharmaceutical Rx printing industry for nearly 7 decades

With innovative products, cutting edge generic pharmaceutical packaging techniques, optimized workflows and streamlined supply chains that improve downstream packaging lines, you can rest easy knowing that CCL has you covered. CCL Healthcare has invested over $500 million in dedicated pharmaceutical printing plants worldwide.

Top quality labels, leaflets and cartons for Prescribed Pharmaceuticals

Every day our 34+ cGMP facilities around the world produce top quality labels, leaflets and carton solutions for the prescribed pharmaceutical industry. Our Packaging Engineers and Quality departments work closely together in creating the best and most innovative packaging solution for you, tailored to your needs and desires. Our 100% electronic vision inspection guarantees you flawless products. Being the packaging pioneer that CCL is, our facilities and systems meet all Healthcare requirements. Are you interested in sustainable product alternatives? Our sustainability taskforce is ready to take on any question and guide you in creating a sustainable product solution.

CCL Healthcare helps you keep up with the marketplace

The generic pharmaceutical packaging market is a highly competitive market with narrow margins and high demands. Companies must find new ways to differentiate their products, improve supply chains, and meet the growing market demands, all while reducing cost and improving work efficiencies. It’s just as important to work with suppliers and vendors that have both the experience and capabilities to keep up with the evolving marketplace.

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