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Top-Tier Multi-Ply Labels by CCL Healthcare

ply labels are the solution you are looking for. These labels fall into the category of expanded content labels (ECLs) and do just that. A single-ply peel-off label accommodates printing on the backside of the face stock, doubling the printable content area. 

Multi-ply labels consist of two or three layers of material that can peel back and reveal the second and/or third layer of content. You can also create more content areas by printing on the backside of the face stocks. Multi-ply labels are the perfect solution when you require a slim profile or in a setting where repeated opening and closing is necessary, such as a retail pharmacy. The expanded content area is ideal for displaying drug facts, directions for use, multilingual information and promotional activities. 

One of the biggest advantages of multi-ply labels is that they can be designed in various shapes and sizes. This versatile label has become the go-to choice for square bottles, custom-shaped bottles, smaller containers, glass vials, syringes and consumer-facing packaging. Multi-ply labels are an excellent solution for products requiring a few pages of information that can be opened and resealed repeatedly without damage. 

Benefits of Multi-Ply Labels

Advantages of choosing multi-ply labels include:

  • Increased printing surface: The two- and three-ply labels can increase your printing surface by two or four surfaces.
  • Tear-off sections: The multi-ply label has a detachable part(s) for easy documentation and can be printed with variable data.
  • Integrated hanging systems with IVHL labels: IVHL labels combine graphics and a hanging system within a functional label construction.
  • Peel-off/dry-peel features: Dry-peel multi-ply labels adhere directly to products. When you peel the top layer away, no adhesive residue will remain.

Why Choose CCL Healthcare for Your Single- and Multi-Ply Labeling Needs?

At CCL Healthcare, we understand your packaging is the first point of customer engagement. Here is why partnering with us is the best choice for enhancing your product’s success:

Unmatched quality

We adhere to the highest standards. Our RX labels meet all regulatory requirements for safety and quality. We are ISO, cGMP and FSC certified.

Customized solutions

We specialize in bespoke labeling solutions tailored to meet your products’ unique challenges and requirements.

Global reach with local service

With over 34 specialized healthcare facilities worldwide, we offer the benefits of a global provider with a local retailer’s convenience and personalized service.

Sustainability focus

We are dedicated to reducing environmental impact through sustainable practices and materials.

Expert support

Our experienced professionals are here to support you during every step, from initial concept to final production.

Pressure Sensitive Questions?

Not sure of what you need for your application ? One of our packaging specialist will be glad to help.

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