Pre-Serialized Topserts - Folded Leaflets

Serialized topserts are an effective tool for tracking and tracing counterfeiting, as each individual leaflet can be assigned a unique serial number that corresponds to the product it accompanies. This allows for easy tracking and tracing of both the product and the leaflet itself, helping to prevent counterfeiting and protect against theft or diversion of the product.

At CCL Healthcare, we offer pre-serialization options for both the leaflet and the c-clip, allowing our customers to meet both print and customer requirements. Our serialization process allows customers to receive progress reports, such as when the job has stopped or been completed.


Our topserts are compactly folded to affix comfortably on top of bottles, with finished folded sizes, panel counts, and finishing options such as c-clips, barcoding, serialization, and glue available to meet our customers’ needs. We deliver topserts preloaded into trays for ease of use.


Our Pharmaceutical Patient Information Leaflets (inserts/outserts) are printed on pharmaceutical grade paper and are available in a range of colors and folding methods. They are manufactured in cGMP facilities to ISO Standards with 100% electronic verification to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy.


Our serialized topserts and Pharmaceutical Patient Information Leaflets are an efficient and cost-effective way to provide important information to physicians, patients, and consumers while also helping to prevent counterfeiting and ensure product safety and integrity.

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