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Smart and Intelligent packaging

Smart and Intelligent Packaging

Pharmaceutical Smart Packaging refers to packaging that has been designed to provide additional benefits beyond just containing and protecting the product inside. Smart packaging typically includes some form of technology, such as sensors, tracking systems, or indicators, that allow the packaging to perform a variety of functions. The most common forms of smart packaging deployed in the pharmaceutical industry are RFID labels, NFC Labels, Watermarks, QR codes and temperature Indicators.

RFID or radio Frequency Identification

RFID tags: RFID tags can be used to track the location of products as they move through the supply chain, making it easier to monitor inventory and prevent theft.

NFC or Near Field Communication

NFC tags: Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless communication technology that allows devices to communicate with each other over short distances. NFC is based on RFID technology, which enables communication between two devices when they are placed within a few centimeters of each other.

Anti-counterfeiting and Brand Protection

Anti-counterfeiting measures: include features, such as holograms or serial numbers, that make it more difficult to counterfeit products.

Water Marks

Water Marks: Watermarks are a type of security feature that can be incorporated into packaging to help prevent counterfeiting and ensure product authenticity. Watermarks are designs or patterns that are printed on substrates like label material that are indiscernible to the human but machine readable.


QR codes

QR codes: QR codes can be used to provide consumers with additional information about a product, such as nutritional information, instructions for use, or links to additional resources.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring: Temperature sensors that monitor the temperature of perishable products, such as food or pharmaceuticals, to ensure that they are being stored at the correct temperature.

Time and Temperature Indicators

Temperature monitoring: Temperature sensors that monitor the temperature of perishable products, such as food or pharmaceuticals, to ensure that they are being stored at the correct temperature.

Overall, smart packaging has the potential to improve the safety, quality, traceability, security and sustainability of products by providing additional information and functionality beyond what traditional packaging can offer. Smart packaging and labels have been adopted and deployed through out the the pharmaceutical supply chain and the healthcare industry.

Pharmaceutical Smart Packaging Options

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