Revolutionizing Healthcare:
CCL eAgile's Advanced RFID Solutions

Enhancing Patient Safety and Workflow Efficiency in Hospitals

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology, CCL eAgile stands at the forefront, pioneering RFID solutions tailored to revolutionize patient safety and operational efficiency. With a focus on customized inlays for pharmaceuticals, groundbreaking encoding methods, and comprehensive Line Management systems, CCL eAgile is redefining the standards of RFID technology in healthcare. Join us as we delve into the innovative advancements driving transformative change in the industry.

1. Tailored RFID Solutions for Enhanced Healthcare

CCL eAgile specializes in the creation of RFID solutions tailored for the healthcare sector, with a strong emphasis on enhancing patient safety and optimizing hospital workflows through the utilization of RFID technology. One of their notable accomplishments involves the development of high-performance, customized inlays for syringes and vials, surpassing the capabilities of other leading RFID inlay manufacturers. These advanced inlays ensure flawless readability within pharmacy kits, eliminating any blind spots that may hinder effective tracking.

2. Innovative RFID Encoding for Pharmaceutical Packaging

In addition, CCL eAgile has made groundbreaking strides in encoding read/write capabilities for RFID labels on pharmaceutical syringes and vial packaging lines. This innovative method seamlessly integrates with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, maintaining optimal line speeds and compatibility with leading label applicators. Moreover, it provides real-time validation of RFID-enabled products, automatically identifying and rejecting any faulty items. This revolutionary system has the potential to revolutionize pharmaceutical packaging lines.

3. Efficient Item-Level Serialization with RFID Line Management

CCL eAgile’s RFID Line Management (RLM) solution is specifically designed to cater to item-level serialization requirements for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical filling and packaging lines. RLM is a comprehensive “turnkey” solution capable of efficiently handling large volumes of uniquely serialized items, swiftly reading, encoding, and validating at line speeds of up to 600 units per minute. When combined with CCL eAgile’s RFID-enabled medication and product labels, this solution enables end-to-end supply chain visibility at the individual unit level.

4. Streamlining Inventory Management with RFID Technology

With CCL eAgile’s solutions, RFID-enabled inventory cabinets facilitate direct stocking, providing instantaneous visibility without the need for time-consuming manual tag-ups or barcode scanning. By leveraging track and trace capabilities, implementing product recall measures, and deploying anti-diversion programs powered by CCL eAgile, organizations can bolster patient safety, safeguard their brand integrity, and gain unparalleled visibility from manufacturing to patient administration, effectively setting their products apart from competitors.

5. Precision-Crafted RFID Inlays for Optimal Performance

CCL eAgile adopts a highly customized approach to inlay design, meticulously developing inlays for each product after conducting a comprehensive analysis of the medication and container. The inlay design process includes rigorous performance testing and validation, resulting in inlays that offer a full 360-degree read radius without any blind spots. Customized antennas and chip selection further optimize the inlay’s performance.

6. Rapid Prototyping and High-Quality Label Production

Furthermore, CCL eAgile provides rapid prototyping services for inlay testing and development, encompassing antenna design and manufacturing, chip attachment, and thorough testing and validation procedures. Inlay converting is executed with exceptional precision, delivering 99.99% high-quality finished labels. The process involves high-speed encoding, incorporating 1D/2D barcodes and serialization, with 100% inspection of the labels to ensure utmost accuracy and reliability.

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