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Nearly 7 Decades of Serving the Animal Health Packaging Industry

CCL Healthcare can provide everything you need for your Animal Health products. All individual packaging kits focus on ease of use for the vet or vet technician administering the product, which can facilitate more accurate pet care. Safe and secure packaging is essential for veterinary medicine, vaccines, food, nutritional supplements and other products related to animal health. 

Pharmaceutical animal health refers to the branch that produces and distributes drugs and other medical animal health supplies used to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases and other health conditions in animals. 

Animal health packaging and labels must meet all the requirements and features to get prescribed safely. This includes printed literature, content labeling, cold chain packaging, brand protection, tamper-evident seals and supply chain solutions. Our strict current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) process ensures our products get manufactured to the highest quality standards.

What Is Cold Chain Packaging?

Cold chain solutions in animal health packaging refer to specialized packaging and logistics systems designed to maintain the temperature integrity of temperature-sensitive veterinary products. The temperature remains the same throughout the supply chain process.

What Is Tamper-Evident Packaging?

Tamper-evident packaging is crucial in the field of animal health to ensure the integrity and safety of veterinary products. Here’s how tamper-evident packaging solutions provide peace of mind:

Product safety

Veterinary medications, supplements and other animal health products need tampering protection to ensure safety. Tamper-evident packaging provides a visible indication if the product gets compromised, safeguarding animals from potential harm.

Consumer confidence

Animal owners and veterinarians rely on tamper-evident packaging to trust the products they purchase. Tampering can happen during transit or storage. Visible evidence of tampering instills confidence in the authenticity and quality of products, improving trust in the brand and the veterinary industry as a whole. 

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory agencies often mandate tamper-evident packaging requirements for veterinary products. These requirements specifically include tamper-evident features such as seals, bands or shrink wraps that must be visibly broken or damaged to access the product.

Prevention of contamination

Tamper-evident packaging helps prevent contamination of veterinary products, creating safer solutions for animals.

Identification of counterfeits

This specialized packaging solution can also serve as a deterrent for counterfeiters seeking to replicate veterinary products.

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Our Animal Health Packaging Benefits

Partner with CCL for your next Animal Health Packaging Solution and receive:

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By implementing our various solutions, manufacturers and distributors can demonstrate their commitment to animal welfare and product integrity. CCL Healthcare has extensive product offerings and a global footprint with many locations for close proximity and high-quality service. 

We are leading the animal health industry, and we have certifications from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Reach out to us to discover more.

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CCL Healthcare has been leading the Pharmaceutical Rx printing industry for more than 6 decades

With innovative products, cutting edge manufacturing techniques, optimized workflows and streamlined supply chains that improve downstream packaging lines, you can rest easy knowing that CCL has you covered. CCL Healthcare has invested over $500 million in dedicated pharmaceutical printing plants worldwide.

Top quality labels, leaflets and cartons for Prescribed Pharmaceuticals

Every day our 34+ cGMP facilities around the world produce top quality labels, leaflets and carton solutions for the prescribed pharmaceutical industry. Our Packaging Engineers and Quality departments work closely together in creating the best and most innovative packaging solution for you, tailored to your needs and desires. Our 100% electronic vision inspection guarantees you flawless products. Being the packaging pioneer that CCL is, our facilities and systems meet all Healthcare requirements. Are you interested in sustainable product alternatives? Our sustainability taskforce is ready to take on any question and guide you in creating a sustainable product solution.

CCL Healthcare helps you keep up with the marketplace

The Pharmaceutical market is a highly competitive market with narrow margins and high demands. Companies must find new ways to differentiate their products, improve supply chains, and meet the growing market demands, all while reducing cost and improving work efficiencies. It’s just as important to work with suppliers and vendors that have both the experience and capabilities to keep up with the evolving marketplace.

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CCL Healthcare is market leader custom cGMP printed packaging solutions. We offer the industries largest array of printed packaging and  functional secondary packaging products. The products shown on the website are only a small sampling of the formats, constructions, and configurations. To discuss your unique or custom packaging needs, please contact a packaging specialist.

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