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Nearly 7 Decades of Serving the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries

At CCL Healthcare, we manufacture high-quality labels, leaflets, booklets, folding cartons, and other secondary packaging in our healthcare manufacturing cGMP facilities. Our facilities are dedicated manufacturing sites for the pharmaceutical and life science industries, producing the highest quality standard labels.

As a global company with 34 sites and growing, CCL Healthcare has manufacturing positioned in all major markets and regions, including Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. Our global manufacturing and support network and expertise are unparalleled in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. That is why our global pharmaceutical and life science companies have chosen CCL Healthcare time and time again to scale and launch their products with CCL Healthcare globally.

Markets We Serve

As a leading manufacturer of cGMP secondary packaging solutions, we proudly serve a wide range of sectors with premium healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging. We are constantly advancing our technologies, processes, and products to meet the ever-changing demands of the markets we serve.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

CCL Healthcare specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide selection of pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging and labeling solutions. All of our solutions comply with the stringent regulations and standards of each market and consist of quality materials for excellent performance and durability. Whether we’re working with pharmaceutical packaging companies or other regulated markets, we offer the necessary products and customization options to accommodate any requirement. 

Some of our healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging and labeling solutions include: 

  • Labels
  • Literature
  • Folded cartons
  • Smart packaging

Partner With CCL Healthcare for Pharmaceutical Packaging

As a global leader in healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing of high-quality, safe packaging, CCL Healthcare is the go-to choice for many companies across these industries. With decades in the industry, we have developed a unified solution to address all the unique needs of our clients, from product development to supply chain optimization

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CCL Healthcare is one of the market leaders in custom cGMP printed packaging solutions. We offer the industries largest array of printed and functional secondary packaging products. The products shown on the website are only a small sampling of the formats, constructions, and configurations. To discuss your unique or custom packaging needs, please contact a packaging specialist.

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