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Overview of CCL ID

Serving the packaging and promotional industry for over sixty years, CCL is the global supply chain leader of innovative premium packaging, promotional vehicles, and comprehensive label solutions for the world’s largest consumer and healthcare corporations.

We see ourselves as problem solvers and can partner with our customers to create innovative solutions with functional labels and tags for various types of packaging.

Our latest technology to hit our healthcare market is CCLiD. CCLiD takes Secondary Packaging to the next level. It is an innovative way to collect information from users engaging with the product. CCLiD is a technology developed to track, collect, and protect different kinds of products across their journey in many different ways. The tracking capabilities allow for more information about the consumer to be collected as well as the ability to share information. CCLiD is a complete solution for brand protection and consumer experience.

The technology is accessible for all in the palm of your hand!

  • Image of Phone Interacting with NFC 

CCLiD allows the brand to understand a patient’s medication usage and offers a series of direct interactions with the customer. The technology upgrades to re-order prescriptions. This capability can get a better understanding of the patient’s adherence. Authentication is made easy with CCLiD. The consumer can be sure that they are consuming an original and safe product by reading the tag id on each product. From the consumer’s perspective, there is security in knowing that the medication can be traced from the origin to the point of sale. NFC Traceability helps avoid the products from getting diverted or ending up in the gray market. This technology is essential since counterfeiting pharmaceuticals is a major concern not only for manufacturers but for consumers as well. 


Through unique NFC tags (Near Field Communication) it is possible to make each product unique and carry out any of the following functions: 


  • Consumption Information
  • Cross Selling
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Strategic Information
  • Reading Map
  • Code Management
  • Counterfeit protection
  • Brand authenticity
  • Unique products
  • Security against outsourcing
  • Client Communication
  • Campaign Management




Labels with Individual Codes

  • Counterfeit Security
  • Brand Authenticity
  • Unique Products
  • Outsourcing Security

Operation System Apple & Android

  • Customer Communication
  • Consumption Information
  • Cross Selling
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Customized APP


Web Portal

  • Strategic Information
  • Reading Map
  • Code Management/ Brand Protection
  • Campaign Management

CCLiD offers access for all, all the time!


The CCLiD App is available on Apple and Android platforms and it is simple and user-friendly.

Just open it and select reading mode – NFC Tag. 


Customer Experience


  • Customized promotional campaigns
  • Push Messages
  • Customer assessment/feedback
  • Consumption data
  • Interactivity
  • Authenticity Guaranteed
  • Information about losses, recalls and blocks
  • Promotional actions
  • Geographic Data 

The geolocation tracking occurs only when the label is read. The mobile phone isn’t tracked in real-time.


  • Anti-Counterfeiting Protection
  • Traceability by geolocation
  • Database
  • Tag or batch block in suspected cases
  • Web Portal
  • The Technology is not developed for inventory management. 

CCLiD Security TAG


  • Codes are stored in a secure server, preventing hacker attacks 
  • The unique tag number (Tag id) will never be repeated
  • Monitoring the reading of the tags, allows a tag to be deactivated if needed
  • Besides Tag id,  the CCL iD offers trillions of different code combinations.
  • Tag protected against readings preventing the code from being copied

NFC Technology

NFC is a radiofrequency technology which allows data to be exchanged between different types of devices.

_ The reading distance is up to 2 inches.

_ It can  only be read at short distances.

_ It is considered a RFID device, as it can store data.

_ It has a unique identification number (7 positions).

_ It can be protected by a password.

_ It is virtually impossible to replicate.

_ It is possible to customize the written data at the web portal.


NFC Technology


Currently there are 3.0 billion cell phones with NFC. The list of NFC-equipped devices has been growing every day. Lots of Android devices have NFC, and every iPhone, from iPhone 6 on, also presents this feature. NFC has also been added to the iPad range, starting with the iPad Pro, the iPad Air 2, and the third-generation iPad Mini, but those devices won’t work with in-store contactless readers.


For cell phones that do not have NFC, there is also the possibility of attaching an external reading as the models below:


Frequently Asked Questions (May not be necessary, but we can rework this if we see value in this information.)


What can make a label be invalidated?

The label can be invalidated in case of theft, loss or misappropriation. The app displays a message as “valid product” but with restrictions. The invalidation can also occur with a label damaged by a shock, inappropriate liner tension during labeling process, antenna crack, etc.  


What prevents a label from being cloned?

It is impossible to prevent a tag id cloning. If a malicious chip manufacturer wants to replicate a tag id, it is impossible to stop them. That is why a tag id alone is not enough to guarantee the item safety. For this reason, CCLiD was created, to insert in the tag an extremely strong security layer.


A label has been falsified and has a fake NFC tag. What happens when CCLiD reads it?

An “invalid” tag will be displayed. It is impossible to associate a fake tag with a product in the app. 


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