The Crucial Role of Printed Brand Security Features in Medication

In the vast landscape of pharmaceuticals and life sciences, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of products is of paramount importance. With extensive investments made in research and development, pharmaceutical companies bring life-saving medications to the market, intending to improve the well-being of individuals worldwide. However, a menacing adversary lurks in the shadows – the global counterfeit market. 

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) estimates that this shadowy world of counterfeiting is worth a staggering $461 billion, comprising approximately 2.5% of all global trade. Counterfeit medications not only pose a serious risk to public health and patient safety but also cast doubt on the reputation of legitimate pharmaceutical brands. 

To protect the health of consumers and safeguard their hard-earned reputation, pharmaceutical and life science companies must adopt a robust brand protection strategy. The deployment of effective security measures becomes imperative, not only to thwart counterfeiting attempts but also to prevent unauthorized distribution, obsolescence, and unauthorized gray market activities. 

Enter CCL Healthcare, a trusted and experienced partner in the domain of brand protection. With a legacy spanning decades, CCL Healthcare offers tailor-made brand security strategies and cutting-edge security solutions, specifically designed to shield pharmaceutical products from potential threats. By adopting CCL Healthcare’s comprehensive security features, pharmaceutical companies can rest easy, knowing that their brand and products are fortified against the adverse effects of counterfeiting and diversion. 

Defenders of Authenticity

CCL Healthcare’s range of brand security solutions encompasses a diverse array of options, offering versatility and adaptability to suit the unique needs of individual customers. Their approach revolves around three main types of security features: 

  1. Overt Security Features: These are readily visible and easily recognizable security elements, intended to swiftly identify the authenticity of a product. Holograms, color-shifting inks, and other visually striking elements are incorporated into the packaging, presenting a formidable challenge to counterfeiters.


  1. Covert Security Features: Concealed from the naked eye, covert features necessitate specialized tools or techniques for verification. Such covert elements may include microprinting, invisible inks, or covert taggants, making them highly effective in detecting counterfeit products.


  1. Forensic Security Features: Designed with sophistication, forensic security features involve intricate methods of analysis to verify the genuineness of a product. Authentication through advanced laboratory testing renders these features an incredibly potent deterrent against counterfeiters.

Additionally, CCL Healthcare’s expertise extends to Track and Trace Serialization, a process that empowers companies to monitor and trace their products throughout the supply chain. This serialization capability bolsters supply chain visibility, enabling swift detection of any potential counterfeit or diverted products, effectively preventing them from reaching consumers. 

With CCL Healthcare’s dedication to safeguarding brands and their market-leading position in brand protection, they have become the go-to partner in the fight against counterfeiting and diversion. Implementing CCL Healthcare’s solutions instills confidence in customers, knowing that the authenticity of their products is assured, and the health and safety of consumers worldwide are protected. 

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