Pre-Serialized Topserts

Folded Leaflets

Printed Literature - Topserts

A  printed literature topsert is a multi-fold leaflet with a glued closure formed from a single sheet of paper which is applied on top of the packages or bottles.


  • Serialized: Has a printed serialization code on the Topsert or wafer seal making it easy to scan in a package line when they are applied to the top of the packages or bottles.
  • Piggy-Backed: A piggy-backed literature also known as the twinsert is created by gluing one or more topserts / outserts together to create a bundle.

Printed Literature Benefits

  1. Provides space for detailed information such as product details and usage instructions
  2. Easily conveys legislative requirements without changing existing packaging.
  3. Scope for multiple languages which enables use in many countries
  4. Range of sizes and shapes to suit packaging needs
  5. Materials tailored to requirements, including a range of paper thicknesses from 45gsm
  6. Wide combinations of fold patterns for multiple page counts and designs
  7. 100% text veri ication system and 100% barcode scanning available on all outserts in a complete cGMP manufacturing environment
  8. IFU / DFU for medical devices available

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