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Nearly 7 Decades of Serving the Clinical Label Industry

CCL Healthcare understands clinical trials labels, the demanding label production, and the requirements needed to deliver the highest quality ready-to-apply labels with or without variable data overprinting. We offer a full range of products ranging from conventional clinical labels and clinical booklet labels specific to your clinical trials requirements. Through our strict quality manufacturing protocols and cGMP processes, we deliver with urgency and accuracy 100% of the time. At CCL Healthcare, our focus is on accurately producing clinical labels that meet your timing goals. Therefore, we are uniquely positioned to apply our 65 years of clinical experience, industry-specific knowledge, and cutting-edge software systems to set the industry standard.

Clinical Booklet Labels

Clinical Booklet Labels are essential for global clinical trials that require flexibility in distributing clinical supplies across different international locations. These labels are created by assembling a booklet of pages containing label text in multiple languages, which is then enclosed in a resealable cover. These labels can be affixed to various packages used in multinational trials. The labels come in different configurations depending on the type of clinical dispenser or layer of packaging being applied to. All our booklet labels are designed to be opened and resealed to access the information on individual pages when needed.

Our Full Base Labels are designed for use on flat surfaces such as cartons, kits, and cards. Partial Base Labels are designed for use with cylindrical clinical containers like bottles, vials, canisters and syringes. Wrap Around Labels, on the other hand, are similar to Partial Base Labels but are designed as two-page designs to replace the need for flag labels. These labels can be wrapped around small circumference containers.

Finally, our 2-Base Clinical Booklet Labels are used when it is necessary to wrap a booklet label around one or more edges of a box or carton. We require all packaging component dimensions when designing this type of label to ensure a perfect fit.


Conventional Clinical Labels

Conventional Clinical Label designs are generally used for single language studies, but in some cases, they can accommodate multiple languages if the text fits on the label. Our fanfolded Conventional Clinical Labels come with packaging tabs, which are non-attached Label-ID’s (LID) containing a unique computer-generated code for each label we print. These codes help us manage label ranges and replacements during the manufacturing process. Clients can also use LID’s to request replacement labels in case of label damage during application.

Single-Panel Labels are versatile and suitable for any clinical dispenser and packaging level within the study design. Multiple-Panel Labels have removable panels that can comply with protocol requirements, such as casebooks or dosing verification.

For vials requiring more text than the maximum labeling height, we can create Slope-Cut Labels. These labels have an adhesive area affixed to the vial up to the full labeling height, followed by a taller segment that rises above that area to accommodate additional text.

If you need the option to unblind a subject in your trial design, we can provide a Treatment Unblinder Report. This report includes the primary clinical dispenser identification data and the blinded treatment associated with each dispenser. The unblinding data is concealed under a tamper-evident scratch-off laminate that can be revealed in the field by scratching off the surface with a coin.

The Benefits of a Strong Clinical Label Partnership

Make Sure that your documentation and user guidelines for clinical trials are ready on time. Generally keep costs down and security high with an experienced partner. CCL Healthcare’s clinical label solutions can make all the differences.

Clinical Label solutions to overcome the challenges 

Managing the labeling process for clinical trials is extremely demanding. Consequently, this can involve hundreds of thousands of patients in several countries with patient guidelines in multiple languages.

Documenting the trials needs to be a smooth, precise, and fast process with traceable documentation to ensure patient safety and quality results. Therefore, CCL Healthcare has customizable labeling solutions that shortening time-lines and streamline administrative processes.

It’s important to work with a supplier that understands the industry and has a proven track record like CCL Healthcare. Our custom solutions can help you achieve your goals faster and safer!

CCL Healthcare understands the complexity and demands of clinical trials studies as well as the need for speed to market. Therefore, we have developed custom labels, literature, and cartons created to address multi-language requirements, directions for use, blinding and data tracking.

Safer Clinical Trials through Clinical Labels

Focused on patient safety, functionality, and traceable documentation our solutions obtain safer clinical trials.


  • Tear off / Peel-off labels can be easily removed and placed in journals for registration and reference purposes
  • Tamper evident solutions with security die-cuts and void seals
  • Child Resistance Senior Friendly solutions for blister packaging, temperature excursion label

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