2- ply – Multipurpose Labels

peel off traceability label multi ply

Multi-Ply Labels 2-Ply Multi-ply labels refer to labels that have multiple layers or plies. A 2-ply multi-ply label, in particular, has two layers of material that are typically glued or laminated together. The use of 2-ply multi-ply labels is common in applications that require more durability or resistance to wear and tear. These labels can […]

2-Ply Labels Explained

2- ply label on an OTC bottle

2-ply labels are becoming increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical industry due to their ability to provide expanded content and additional information on small packaging. The use of 2-ply labels allows pharmaceutical companies to include more information on their products without having to increase the size of the packaging, which can be particularly important for products that need to be small and portable.

What are Multi-Layer Labels

multi-layer labels group images

Multi-layer labels, also known as peel-and-reseal labels or multi-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply labels, are types of labels that consist of multiple layers of printed material, each of which can be peeled away to reveal additional information or instructions.

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