Why Participate in a Lunch & Learn?

What are Lunch and Learns?

Lunch and learns are an interactive day hosted by CCL Healthcare. The day centers around learning about printing technology. These events are custom events catered to your needs. We can review current print process and technology, offer foundational learning, or discuss more advance print and packaging technologies. 

Who should attend?

The whole team can enjoy and benefit from our lunch and learns. Custom curriculums can ensure your team is getting the most of their time. 

What is max group size?

The max group size is dependent on the facility that you want to visit. Typically we do groups of 4 to 20 people. Some plants can accommodate more,

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BlogMedical DevicePackaging Solutions

Safeguarding Patients: How RFID Technology Prevents Medication Diversion in Hospitals 

Safeguarding Patients: How RFID Technology Prevents Medication Diversion in Hospitals Medication diversion, the unauthorized and illegal redistribution of controlled substances within healthcare facilities, poses a ...
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BlogPackaging Solutions

Complete RFID Solutions

CCL e-Agile offers comprehensive RFID solutions, featuring customized high-performance inlays, hardware, software, and a seamless, non-intrusive bolt-on solution for high-speed RFID packaging lines.
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Pharmapack 2024

Are you ready to step into the future of packaging and labeling solutions? Look no further – we're excited to invite you to an exclusive ...
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BlogLeafletPackaging University 101

Serialized Topserts

Serialized topserts are an effective tool for tracking and tracing counterfeiting, as each individual leaflet can be assigned a unique serial number that corresponds to ...
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BlogLeafletPackaging Solutions

Patient Information Leaflets

Patient Information Leaflets Patient Information Leaflets Inserts/ Outserts A multi-folded leaflet is formed from a single sheet of paper. Patient Information Leaflets can be used ...
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expanded content labels

Expanded Content Labels (ECLs): The Ultimate Solution for Multilingual and Regulatory Information

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, packaging plays a critical role in delivering crucial information to consumers and meeting regulatory requirements.
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