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Braille on Labels

Braille on Labels

Braille labels are important for people who are visually impaired, as they allow them to identify medication and other healthcare products independently. CCL Healthcare’s braille labels are designed to be durable and resistant to water, chemicals, and other environmental factors

Overview of Braille Labels

Our braille labels are produced using high-quality materials and printing techniques to ensure that they are durable, legible, and compliant with all applicable regulations. The labels can be customized to meet specific product needs, including the inclusion of product names, dosages, and warnings. he braille labels produced by CCL Healthcare are compliant with international regulations for pharmaceutical labeling, including the European Union’s Falsified Medicines Directive and the United States’ Drug Supply Chain Security Act. 

Benefits of Braille

  • Applied with standard labelers
  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduced label
  • Use of less costly standard glass containers
  • Gradient markings on label
  • Single hook and twin hook configurations
  • Custom designs available
  • Can be automatically packed in a case
  • Security features and braille options

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