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Folding Cartons- Cartons with Brand Protection

Folding Cartons - Brand Protection

CCL Healthcare offers custom brand security strategies and security solutions. Developing an effective brand protection strategy will defend against counterfeiting, diversion, obsolescence, and maintain brand integrity. CCL is the market leader in brand protection offering a wide range of options that included Overt, Covert, and Forensics security features all manufactured under a cGMP process with a specialization in Track and Trace Serialization. These systems protect the integrity of brands and defend against grey market activities. Brand protection can be printed onto cartons. There are both flexographic and digital printed options available for cartons.

Custom configurations, styles, and designs are available for our folding carton offerings. 

Overview of Folding Cartons

CCL Healthcare offers cost-effective solutions with our unmatched design capabilities. Our experienced production and quality control personnel deliver the highest quality cartons. CCL Healthcare offers the ability to order what you want when you need it — eliminating inventory obsolescence. Our automated front-end and investment in custom machinery enables us to deliver customized folding cartons in high-mix/low to medium-volume quantities in turnaround times that are unparalleled in the industry without sacrificing quality. The variety of features offered by our high-tech presses allow for a broad range of capabilities such as embellishments, spot coatings, embossing, foil stamping, braille and security features. It also has capabilities for unique customizations such as serialization, lot/batch/expiry, personalization, and more! With multiple Healthcare sites we provide an immediate back-up for continuity as well as a perfect partner for launching in different regions at the same time.

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folding carton auto bottom


Serialization digitally printed and electronically verified coding or unique IDs which are directly printed onto each carton.

Carton with a partition


Partitions are used to separate items going into the carton. They can also be used to keep products safe during its lifecycle.


Braille is raised dotted lettering that can be added to labels or packaging for people that are blind to read the labels or packaging.

Glued Leaflets

Glued Leaflets are a page compactly folded into many panels that is glued onto the outside or inside of a carton.

The CCL Advantage


Front-End Automation

Quality Assurance

Highest Quality Standards

Structure Design

Innovative Structure Design


Exceptional Speed-to-Market

Why Choose CCL Healthcare for Folding Cartons?

CCL Healthcare utilizes proprietary software that streamlines the quoting, ordering, design turn around, production, and finishing process to reduce lead times which allows CCL Healthcare to offer no minimum order quantities (MOQ’s). Our automated front-end and investment in custom machinery enables us to deliver customized folding cartons in high-mix/low to medium-volume quantities in turnaround times that are unparalleled in the industry without sacrificing quality. Quality is built into everything we do and that is why we have invested heavily into 100% electronic inspection systems that allow us to detect the smallest defects and automatically remove the cartons from the production run ensuring we deliver superior quality first time every.

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auto bottoms tuck tops

Auto Bottoms

Auto Bottoms have a bottom closure that pops into place making the set up simple, convenient, and quick.

Folding carton with an auto bottom and tuck top

Straight Tucks

A perforated panel with a fold is added to the back panel. The perforations are aligned, and the front panel is sealed to the back panel.

Reverse Tucks

Reverse Tucks are located at the seam along the right-side panel, in the rear. The closure panels fold at opposite sides on the top and bottom.

Tucks with Partitions

Tucks with Partitions has closure panels on top and bottom swing in opposite directions with a lip that tucks and a partition inside.

Seal Ends

Seal Ends overlap with an adhesive seal and features full-width top and bottom closure panels.

6th Panel

6 Panel cartons allow for additional space to display patient information. This packaging line cuts out the task of placing inserts. 

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