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Packaging University 101
Educational Blog

Welcome to the Packaging University 101 Pharmaceutical Packaging Basics. In this blog series we will be discussing the types of packaging used in variety of markets but focus on the pharmaceutical and life science markets.

BlogLeafletPackaging University 101Printed Literature

Serialized Topserts

Serialized topserts are an effective tool for tracking and tracing counterfeiting, as each individual leaflet can be assigned a unique serial number that corresponds to ...
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BlogLeafletPackaging SolutionsPackaging University 101

Patient Information Leaflets

Patient Information Leaflets Patient Information Leaflets Inserts/ Outserts A multi-folded leaflet is formed from a single sheet of paper. Patient Information Leaflets can be used ...
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BlogLeafletPackaging SolutionsPackaging University 101

Twinsert pharmaceutical leaflets – Twin-Serts

Twinsert pharmaceutical leaflets, also known as Twin-Serts or Twin-Leaflets, are a type of folded leaflet commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. These leaflets are designed ...
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braille label for pharmaceutical packaging
BlogLabelsPackaging SolutionsPackaging University 101

Braille Labels

Pharmaceutical braille is a tactile writing system used to label medication packaging for individuals who are visually impaired or blind. Pharmaceutical braille labels are designed ...
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BlogInverted Hanger LabelsPackaging SolutionsPackaging University 101

Inverted Hanger Labels (IVHL)

The inverted hanger feature allows the label to hang upside down, making it easier to read the information on the label when the medication is ...
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pressure sensitive
BlogPackaging SolutionsPackaging University 101Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels, also known as self-adhesive labels, are a type of label that adheres to a surface when pressure is applied. These labels are ...
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