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Printed Literature

Printed Literature 48 Page Mini-book

Mini-Booklets are tiny books that use glue to bind the pages and cover. There is enough space to communicate all information relevant to the product. The tiny compact book can fit comfortably in smaller packaging and is very useful to accompany small products. Mini booklets are perfect bound, which offers a high quality for the end-user. Our mini booklets are printed on pharmaceutical grade paper and are available in black & white, spot color, full color, and the industry’s largest variety of folding methods including cross and glued folding. All our booklets are manufactured in cGMP facilities to ISO Standards with 100% electronic verification.

Overview of Booklets

At CCL Healthcare we offer a wide range of pharmaceutical grade booklets in a large array of sizes, page counts, formats, binding, and finishing. Our state-of-the-art printing and bindery equipment has allowed us to service our customers with very unique and innovative booklet solutions such as booklets with tabs, booklets with accordion leaflets, and larger page counts with full color printing options with capabilities of making booklets of up to 432 pages. Booklets are a series of signatures or an individual signature that can be folded and saddle stitched or have a glued spine making it a perfect bound booklet or a spiral bound book called a wire-o. Booklets are a great option for medication user guide, start up guides, or direction for use for medical devices. This includes images, graphics, and other additions. Booklets are used for lengthy user guides that require multiple pages often used to be included for wearables or medical devices, to provide instructions, information on readings on the device, additional health information, and nutritional information.

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Why CCL for Printed Literature

Our pharmaceutical and Healthcare printed literature are printed with the most advanced equipment available in the industry. Pairing our highly trained and qualified staff with our robust SOP’s and cGMP facilities allows us to exceed our customers quality expectations. Our investment in equipment and people have allowed us to continually be the market innovators and grow our leaflet and printed literature offerings to meet the unique challenges that the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry demands.

When it comes to quality, CCL Healthcare is the market leader investing heavily into vision verification systems and establishing the standard for pharmaceutical printing in the industry. The standard includes ensuring every product is 100% verified and documented for traceability. We manufacture under cGMP and ISO standards in temperature and humidity control facilities. Our dedicated quality assurance team and production departments follow strict SOPs and CSPs in fully segregated manufacturing areas. Our global presence and manufacturing footprint allows you to go global with 34+ specialized healthcare sites. Our experienced staff provides the highest level of service, technical expertise, and product innovation anywhere you are.

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