Multi-Ply Labels 2-Ply

Multi-ply labels refer to labels that have multiple layers or plies. A 2-ply multi-ply label, in particular, has two layers of material that are typically glued or laminated together.

The use of 2-ply multi-ply labels is common in applications that require more durability or resistance to wear and tear. These labels can withstand harsh environments, such as exposure to water, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

Additionally, 2-ply multi-ply labels are often used for variable printing applications where a bottom layer serves as a base and the top layer can be printed with variable data such as barcodes, serial numbers, or dates. 2-Ply Labels are versatile and custom made for a large variety of containers in an array of shapes and sizes from front panels on a square bottle, folding cartons, or around cylindrical containers not limited to syringes, vials, bottles, and jars.

Overall, the use of 2-ply multi-ply labels provides a more durable and functional labeling solution that can withstand challenging environments and improve product identification and tracking.

Stick and lift labels multi ply
single layer wrap around 540 multi ply label

Benefits of Multi-Ply - 2 Ply Labels

  1. Endless range of shapes and sizes

  2. Designed for flat surfaces and tight


  3. User-friendly open tabs

  4. Resealable throughout the products life

5. Maintaining brand identity

6. Cost-effective alternative to booklet and leaflet labels

7. Automatic label application using standard equipment

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