ECL - Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels

ECL (Expanded Content Labels) or Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels are specialized labeling solutions that offer additional space for product information, branding, and regulatory compliance. These labels typically consist of a base label that adheres to the product or packaging and an extended content label that folds out like a booklet. The extended label contains additional text, images, and graphics that cannot fit on the base label.

Multi-wrap booklet labels are ideal for products that require detailed instructions, safety warnings, or regulatory information, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemical products. The extended content label can also be used to showcase branding and marketing messages to help differentiate products on store shelves.

These labels are customizable and can be designed to meet specific product and branding requirements. They are available in various materials, including paper, vinyl, and film, to ensure durability and compatibility with different product surfaces.

Overall, ECLs or Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels are an effective labeling solution for products that require additional information or branding space, while also maintaining the product’s aesthetics and overall look.

Expanded Content Label Features

  1. Stick and life peelable panels for trackability

  2. Custom made to fit any size vial or syringe

  3. Easy opening with resealable tab section

  4. Up to 48 pages


  1. Available in paper or synthetic materials

  2. Print on front and reverse of label (print on adhesive)

  3. If more text space is required the MultiWrap® solution can also be supplied with a leaflet/booklet attached

Additional Features

  1. Stick & Lift peelable traceability

  2. Braille

  3. Barcodes/ Pharmacodes

  4. Sequential numbering/ Serialization

  5. Anti-Counterfeiting features

6. Custom made to fit any size vial or syringe 

7. Tabbed opening

8. Anti-Counterfeiting features

9. Imprintable area

10. Resealable

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