Recap: The Impact of Smart and Connected Packaging

Supply Chain
BLE, What It Means for You and Me

The second-course, Impact of Smart and Connected Product Packaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry, revealed the possibilities available through Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology. The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of traceability through the supply chain, cold chain, and in the fight against counterfeit goods. There has been a shift to integrate these capabilities into packaging. Tracking products through interactive ways is becoming a standard. Therefore, brands are moving in the direction of using technologically advanced physical packaging.

Perfect Pairing, Double Entendre

This course, Impact of Smart and Connected Product Packaging taught by CCL Healthcare partner, Wiliot, demonstrated their Bluetooth low energy label capabilities. What sets them apart from other Bluetooth products on the market is their ability to operate without a power source. Wiliot’s BLE battery-less technology is capable of providing data through the entire supply chain. The course presents a demo of the Wiliot tags in action. The Wiliot tags power themselves by harvesting radio waves. The presentation exhibits how it emits signals and connects to other Bluetooth devices as an active radio device as it is classified by the FCC. It can collect data such as temperature, location, light, moisture, and other connective information by utilizing gateways. Gateways can get as specific as centimeters if it is programmed to broadcast this information. 

No Costly Infrastructure, Action-less Traceability

The Bluetooth beacon technology offers the advantage of not needing to invest in costly infrastructure. The Battery-Free Bluetooth Tags can harvest from and talk to Bluetooth devices. It can use radio waves from wifi access points, smart speakers, and cellular devices. It connects automatically without the need to tap products to interact with the consumer. The course looks closely at the capabilities of the Wiliot tags and its potential to provide traceability, performance tracking, visibility of inventory operations, inventory and more.

Wiliot shared how its battery-free Bluetooth tags can impact pharmaceutical products through their entire lifecycle.

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