More Capacity for Animal Health Folding Cartons

Pets and livestock require safe and secure packaging whether it’s for veterinary medicine, vaccines, nutritional supplements, food, and other animal care products. Animal health packaging should be ultimately designed to care for the animals by having all the requirements and features needed to be prescribed safely. If you need folding cartons for your Animal Health product launch? CCL Healthcare has you covered. Our Tyler, Texas facility has more room on its presses. The increase in capacity is due to investments in high-tech printers for folding cartons. Find out how you can get your order on the press.

Nutraceutical Product Launches and Production Grade Carton Samples

Are you a nutraceutical company ready to release a product to the market? CCL Healthcare are experts at product launches. Our experienced production workers, designers, and state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the most advanced printing technologies. We know that timing is everything when it comes to product launches. Our teams are ready to hit the ground running with your launch. Our design team can mock up your production-grade samples in record time. Find out what the fast turn around carton service can do for you.

Recap: Cryogenic Labeling Course

Cryogenic Chamber

CCL Packaging University’s course, Cryogenic Labeling, discussed how challenging it is to find functional labels for this application. A label cannot adhere over frost, it must be chemical resistant, and the inks cannot smear or scratch off the label. The function of these labels includes adhesion, print, and overall structural performance. Read the recap to find out more about cryogenic labeling.

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