Smart Packaging for Auto Injectors

Smart Packaging fpr auto injector using NFC Labels

One of the primary benefits of smart packaging on auto-injectors is improved safety. With smart packaging, patients can be assured that they are using the correct medication at the right dosage.

Recap: Single Unit Doses with RFID

Single Unit Doses with RFID

The CCL Packaging University Course dives into why RFID-enabled drug products and cloud data solutions are a packaging game changer. For pharmacists, Kit Check allows providers to practice at the top of their license, rather than spend time manually restocking and managing the medication supply chain. For pharmaceutical companies to be competitive, Kit Check labels add value by being able to track the life cycle of the product.

Recap: The Impact of Smart and Connected Packaging

The second-course, Impact of Smart and Connected Product Packaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry, revealed the possibilities available through Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology. The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of traceability through the supply chain, cold chain, and in the fight against counterfeit goods. There has been a shift to integrate these capabilities into packaging. Tracking products through interactive ways is becoming a standard. Therefore, brands are moving in the direction of using technologically advanced physical packaging.

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