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Locations: St. Louis, Missouri

CCL Healthcare is one of the industry-leading pharmaceutical packaging companies in Missouri. We manufacture solutions according to the highest standards using cutting-edge technology. As a cGMP facility, we have various labels that cater to virtually every need, including expanded content, pressure-sensitive and digital labels. Our commitment to top-performing packaging and our decades-long expertise assure you of quality products you can rely on.

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CCL Label St. Louis Pharmaceutical Packaging

We at CCL Healthcare put your packaging needs first, designing and manufacturing our solutions with advanced equipment. Our team takes extra care to ensure our products are versatile to meet your unique requirements. Using superior materials and leading techniques, we employ our vast knowledge to provide you with safe, cost-competitive labels and packaging options. Our solutions bring you:

  • Functionality: We ensure your packaging meets and exceeds its functions, adhering to quality, efficacy and safety demands.
  • Quality adhesives: With premium adhesives, you get stable, effective product labeling.
  • Attention to detail: Our team ensures all our solutions meet industry qualifications for reliable end products.
  • Flexible sizes and quantities: As a large cGMP facility with decades of experience, we can deliver large and small labels and packaging of any amount. 
  • High-performance solutions: We know you need durable, exceptional solutions to stay competitive. We aim to consistently meet and exceed those expectations by setting high standards.
  • Validated products: CCL Healthcare works with stringent care to help ensure your pharmaceutical packaging and labeling meet industry and end user needs.
  • Strict quality control measures: We understand the importance of error-free packaging and give 110% to produce meticulously manufactured solutions.

The CCL Healthcare Difference

Strategically situated, we can serve all the packaging needs of pharmaceutical companies in St. Louis, Missouri. We leverage our large presence to streamline the manufacturing process for your convenience. When you do business with us, you get:

  • Custom-made products: Our pharmaceutical packaging is made to order, so you get solutions tailored to your offerings.
  • A global footprint business: With our global footprint, we have a large capacity and ideal locations for close proximity. You’re assured of assistance wherever you’re based.
  • Excellent service: Our team is dedicated to customer service and putting you first.
  • An extensive product range: We cater to a wide variety of markets and needs and endeavor to provide the right solutions for you.
  • The highest quality: We’re committed to providing you with impeccable labels and packaging, employing rigorous standards throughout the process.

Our Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labels

We go the extra mile with packaging innovation and state-of-the-art labeling technology. See why we’re the St. Louis packaging company of choice. Our solutions include:

Smart Packaging

We strive to constantly improve smart pharmaceutical packaging, including barcoding, NFC labels and watermarks.


Our printed literature includes clear legislative and informational material and can be produced in different colors. It can also accommodate physician and patient information and feature several other options.


Our containers and folding cartons can be custom-made to your requirements to house several devices and products.


We design and manufacture braille, brand security, expanded content and other label solutions. Our design team will manufacture the configuration you need.

Markets Proudly Served

With the expertise to undertake any challenge and develop further innovations, we deliver superior service to the following markets:

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