Recap: Cryogenic Labeling Course

Cryogenic Labeling Factors
CCL Packaging University’s course, Cryogenic Labeling, discussed how challenging it is to find functional labels for this application. Cryogenic temperatures that can be between (-90°C to -70°C) and in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen (-135°C  to -190°C), present various challenges. There are many factors to consider as well as the different circumstances it may encounter during its lifecycle. A label cannot adhere over frost, it must be chemical resistant, and the inks cannot smear or scratch off the label. The function of these labels includes adhesion, print, and overall structural performance. Cryogenic labels are engineered with specific ultra-low temperatures falling as low as -190°celsius. They must also be able to withstand a water bath for thawing. The range of temperature excursions requires durable adhesives, materials, and inks. All the components are tested to perform well in these conditions.
Selecting Materials, Adhesives and Inks
The presentation goes over all the label possibilities to ensure you’re familiar with the materials and adhesives available. The selection of materials and adhesives have different capabilities. The course shows examples of the life cycle of a cryogenic application and all the temperature excursions it encounters as an outline and a video. It also demonstrates a line of cryogenic solutions for several kinds of products that may undergo a cryogenic cycle. The cryogenic solution videos show how the labels adhere to the products. Each provides a 3D view. The presenter further explains their purposes and other possible options available.
What the Audience Wants to Know

In the question and answer session, the attendees ask the presenter follow-up questions that inquire more about the products’ uses. The questions inspired dialogue on how cryogenic labeling can perform in unique settings, what types of testing it undergoes, how they work in different application environments, and much more. This course is informative for anyone working with biosimilars, biogenetics, biotech, and in the cryogenic space. For questions not answered in the Q&A, there is a form you can fill out and submit to answer your questions. 

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