Measuring Folding Cartons and Tray Boxes

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Measurements Matter

When requesting a quote for folding cartons, it’s important to be able to provide accurate measurements. Measuring folding cartons will help you get the right size ensuring that your products fit securely. The flaps must be the right size to ensure that everything closes properly and that the flaps secure the lid from opening. Measurements matter, and below is a breakdown on how to measure folding cartons and tray boxes. There are visuals to help you provide the correct dimensions.

Measuring Folding Cartons



Use the image as a reference when taking measurements. There are three dimensions to the basic folding carton: 


  • Length (L)
  • Width (W)
  • Height (H) 

In written form, the size should appear in that order (L x W x H).

LENGTH (L) measures the longest panel dimension.


WIDTH (W) measures the dimension of the 2nd panel, the shortest.

HEIGHT (H) is the distance between the two open ends of a carton, or from the top of the carton to the bottom of the carton.

Measuring Tray Boxes


For a tray box folding carton, the depth becomes the height. Three dimensions (sizes) also create the basic digital folding carton: 

  • Length (L)
  • Width (W) 
  • Height (H)

In written formula, it will appear as (L X W X H).


LENGTH (L) is to the distance from side to side.

WIDTH (W) is the distance from the front of the carton to the back.

HEIGHT (H) or depth is the distance between the bottom and the lid.

If you have any questions or for more information on CCL Healthcare’s folding carton product line:

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