CCL Clinical Systems: Achieving the Highest Quality through the Clinical Booklet Design System (ClinPro/CDS)

Clinical Systems Providing The Highest Quality Clinical Booklet Labels

CCL Clinical Systems experienced and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to providing effective solutions to all your clinical label needs. Every trial is unique which is precisely why producing clinical labels requires a special combination of technical know-how, thoroughly integrated quality systems, and an experienced and intelligent staff. ClinPro/CDS, a product of our suite of proprietary software systems, is a critical component of our process.


ClinPro/CDS (Clinical Booklet Design System)

Our clinical booklet label products are designed with ClinPro/CDS. Users are able to specify the design elements of the label, all the text on the exterior panels, and interior pages for each type of booklet product. The platform provides the proofing documentation required to uniquely identify each design, which is then used to generate the version controlled proofs you will receive from us for each job requirement. Approved designs are then used by the system to generate the required artwork to manufacture the labels.

The Most Demanding Industry Standards 

CCL Clinical Systems adheres to strict guidelines in all of our manufacturing processes and conforms to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to achieve manufacturing excellence in order to deliver the highest quality products to every client — every time. When you contract with CCL Clinical Systems, you can be assured that quality is built into every finished product and into every step of the manufacturing process. 

Few business environments have the demanding standards that are set in the production of clinical labels. Every drug trial has its own unique protocols which are often met with challenging time constraints and with zero tolerance for errors. The data appearing on clinical labels must be completely accurate every single time. Considering what the consequences would be if inaccurate labeling misdirected treatment in some way, it makes sense to take every precaution available and work with one of the most reliable partners in the industry.

CCL Clinical Systems sets the standard for accuracy and customer service.

For more information about CCL Clinical Systems high quality labels, join us for our webinar, “Overcoming Clinical Labeling Challenges”

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