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Shrink Sleeve Neck Band

2 Color Branded Shrink Bands

2 color branded shrink bands are a type of packaging material used to seal and protect a product. They are made of a flexible plastic material that can be wrapped around the top of a container or lid, then heated to shrink and conform tightly to the surface.

The “2 color” aspect refers to the printing process used to add branding or design to the shrink band. Typically, the design is printed using two colors of ink, such as black and white or red and green.

These shrink bands are often used in the food and beverage industry to seal jars and bottles, as well as in the cosmetics and personal care industries to protect and secure products.

The benefits of using 2 color branded shrink bands include tamper-evident protection, improved product freshness, and a professional appearance. Additionally, the ability to print custom designs allows brands to enhance their packaging and increase brand recognition.

Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper evident labels or Tamper resistance labels are the first layer of protection to a package. Tamper evident labels can be designed from a large array of substrates and combined with a layered approach of brand security, combining more than one security feature to strength the packages protection. 

  • Carton Seals indicate if a product has been tampered with by leaving behind a void message, label material, or noticeably damaging the packaging.
  • Tamper Evident Shrink void an be produced in a full graphic body shrink integrating this security feature into an aesthetically pleasing package or be used as tamper evident bands for bottles.
  • Void Labels identifies a compromised item by leaving a message on both the label and item that it is adhered to. The label can be printed with custom messages, logos, or images which provides additional security

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