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One of the main concerns regarding product tampering is customer safety, especially when it comes to products such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and other items used for consumption or application. Tampering with these items can seriously harm people or put their health and safety at risk. CCL’s Tamper Evident Label helps identify products that have been opened or tampered with. Shrink sleeves for bottle neck bands are adaptable and flexible mediums for slightly to highly shaped containers made of plastic, glass, and metal. Shrink Sleeve tamper evident solutions are applied to packaging to indicate if the product has been compromised.

Tamper Evident Shrink Seal Bottle Solutions Overview

CCL can incorporate our popular brand protection solutions into your tamper band. Having an overt or covert security feature discourages counterfeiters and criminals from removing a plain tamper band and replacing it with an “off the shelf” tamper band. Our tamper bands and decorative shrink sleeves are printed and seamed here in the USA. We offer great response times that are sure to beat materials printed on the other side of the world. It’s easy to perform audits at our local site and we offer CCL’s quality system for your peace of mind.
Decorative shrink sleeves offer more “real estate” for brand impact. They can also bundle two or more SKUs in a “combo pack” with a new UPC. They can be made opaque as a “cover up” label. Shrink labels can be designed with a clear window and the whole sleeve can loosely spin to reveal messages printed on a pressure sensitive label underneath. Whether blank or printed, on a roll or sheeted, with or without perforation, or any other custom feature contact CCL today to discuss how we can support your business with this addition quality packaging component.

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