Tamper Evident Bottle Seals


tamper evident Carton Labels

Tamper Evident Bottle Seals

Tamper-Evident Bottle Neck Band Seals have a break adhesive label where when the bottle is opened the label will break and show evidence of tampering. It leaves behind traces of the seal indicating it was opened. Various options and combinations of features can be added to the label such as the ability for it to void, fiber tear, destructs, and NFC labels.

One of the main concerns regarding product tampering is customer safety, especially when it comes to pharmaceutical, medical device, natural health, and other regulated products that are consumed by patients and consumers. 

Tampering with these items can cause serious harm to people or put their health and safety at risk. CCL Healthcare’s tamper evident shrink bands, labels and layered brand security solutions can help consumers or end users identify if a product has been tampered with and help brands avoid costly negative reputations from being victims of a tampering scheme. Not all packaging threats can be eliminated but CCL Healthcares tamper evident solutions can make it obvious to the consumer or end-user that their product has been tampered with.

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Why CCL For Tamper Evident Bottle Neck Bands

Tampering and counterfeiting can have serious consequences for a brand’s reputation and financial stability. To protect against these risks and ensure the safety of consumers and patients, tamper-evident packaging is a critical layer of defense. CCL Healthcare offers a range of brand protection solutions that guarantee 100% protection for your products. We use durable tamper-evident materials that can bond to a variety of packaging materials and substrates, leaving behind a pattern that prevents relabeling onto counterfeit products. Our engineers are always seeking new and innovative solutions to ensure the most robust tamper-evident offerings in the market. Our custom-designed product line includes a range of tamper-evident options such as colored films, multi-layer substrates, security cuts, hidden messages, and more. CCL Healthcare is a market leader in quality, investing heavily in vision verification systems to establish the standard for pharmaceutical printing in the industry. We manufacture under cGMP and ISO standards in fully segregated manufacturing areas with strict SOPs and CSPs. With our global presence and experienced staff, we offer the highest level of service, technical expertise, and product innovation anywhere you are.

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