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Hightstown, New Jersey

CCL Healthcare’s Hightstown facility is a cutting-edge cGMP manufacturing plant located in New Jersey, USA. The facility is dedicated to the production of high-quality labeling products specifically designed for use in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. With a range of label products that include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), 2-ply labels, wrap-around labels, security labels, inverted hanger labels, digital labels and pressure-sensitive labels, the Hightstown facility is well-equipped to cater to the diverse labeling needs of its clients.

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CCL Healthcare Responsible Packaging

As a cGMP facility, the Hightstown plant follows strict guidelines to ensure that all label products manufactured meet the necessary quality standards for use in these industries. The facility’s strategic location in the Northeast of the United States positions it perfectly to serve the large pharmaceutical presence in the area. With its state-of-the-art technology, experienced workforce and commitment to quality, the Hightstown facility is a reliable partner for pharmaceutical and life science companies seeking high-quality labeling solutions.

CCL Label Hightstown, NJ 

The team at CCL Healthcare prioritizes your labeling needs. We manufacture solutions according to your unique specifications, ensuring you have the right labels for your business. We use advanced equipment and industry innovation to manufacture superior solutions you can rely on. CCL Healthcare aims to meet and exceed industry compliance to enhance the end user’s experience. Our labeling solutions provide:

  • Strict quality standards: We employ stringent tests and processes to ensure error-free packaging for boosted patient care.
  • Quality adhesives: Premium materials and adhesives from leading suppliers ensure you get a solid, effective end product.
  • Functionality: Get packaging that meets safety, efficacy and quality standards for labels that fulfill their functional demands.
  • Vast size ranges: We have extensive experience in manufacturing labels of all sizes and aim to provide the right solutions for your packaging needs.
  • Any order quantity: Whether you have a large or a small project, we have the requisite capacity to meet your quantity demands.
  • High-performance products: By manufacturing our labels according to rigorous standards, we produce high-performing packaging you can depend on.
  • Attention to detail: Our team of experts ensures all labels adhere to industry qualifications.
  • Validated packaging: CCL Healthcare understands your packaging needs to meet specific requirements. All labels undergo strict validation procedures.

Your Quality Label Manufacturer

CCL Label New Jersey is your pharmaceutical labeling company of choice. By leveraging our large presence and professional knowledge, we’ve streamlined the design and manufacturing processes so you can focus on business while we concentrate on quality labeling. Get personalized solutions that respond to your needs:

  • Custom-made products: Our packaging labels are made to order, providing customized solutions that are right for you.
  • Global footprint company: We have a large capacity to undertake different projects and many locations for ideal proximity to your business.
  • Excellent service: We put you first with impeccable client service.
  • Extensive product range: Whatever solution you need, our team will work alongside you. We serve several markets and can respond to your unique business situation.
  • High quality: We employ rigorous standards throughout the manufacturing process, assuring you of top-quality labeling.

Discover Our Pharmaceutical Packaging

We cater to the New Jersey pharmaceutical industry with a wide range of packaging solutions:

Smart Packaging

Our smart packaging labels improve the end user's experience and protect your brand.


We print clear, high-quality informational and legislative literature. Leaflets, booklets and other prints can be manufactured in various colors and contain patient and physician information. 


Our containers serve various markets with eco-friendly options for sustainable solutions.


Our selection includes pressure-sensitive labels, expanded content, promotional content and other label options. We tailor our solutions to your unique requirements. 

Markets Proudly Served

We’re the solution provider of choice if you’re seeking reliable pharmaceutical and medicine packaging companies in New Jersey. We serve the following industries:

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