Folding Carton with a Product Display window

A folding carton with a product display window is a packaging solution that includes a transparent window or cutout, allowing customers to see the product inside. This type of packaging is commonly used in the retail industry to showcase and promote products, particularly those with unique shapes, colors, or features.

The product display window can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different products and is typically made from a transparent plastic or film that is sealed onto the carton. The window may be located on one or more sides of the carton, depending on the product and marketing strategy.


Folding cartons with product display windows are particularly effective for products that are visually appealing or have unique features that are not immediately apparent from the packaging alone. The window allows customers to see the product in detail and may encourage them to make a purchase based on the product’s appearance.

In addition, folding cartons with product display windows can be designed with eye-catching graphics and branding, making them more appealing to customers and helping to increase brand recognition. The packaging may also include additional information or features, such as instructions for use or coupons, to further entice customers to make a purchase.

Overall, folding cartons with product display windows are a powerful marketing tool that can help manufacturers and retailers showcase and promote their products, increase sales, and build brand awareness.

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