RFID Offers Safety and Traceability for the Administration of Vaccines

RFID Vial label
RFID Offers Safety and Traceability

RFID can protect products throughout their journey through the supply chain. Vaccines are being tracked by sophisticated RFID tools and systems implemented by manufacturers, hospitals, and clinics. The vaccines are tagged for several reasons. The system can trace vaccine doses, protect against counterfeiting, track lot number, expiry and more. The traceability offered by RFID is an added protection to the manufacturer, the hospital, the clinic, and the patients receiving the vaccine. 

There are hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines that are administered within a short period of time. This becomes very difficult to track especially when a pandemic is in effect. RFID Technology is capable of authenticating the vaccine ensuring it is an authentic product, that it is not expired, and that it is safe to administer. 

How RFID Solved the Dilemma

A prime example of how it has been implemented successfully is CCL Healthcare and Kit Check’s partnership in providing Reading Hospital in Pennsylvania with RFID tags encoded with Beyond Use Dating (BUD) to track COVID-19 Vaccines after they left the hospital’s ultra-freezer. At Reading Hospital, crash cart trays were manually stocked by technicians and checked by pharmacists. This method is prone to human error and is time-consuming taking from 20 to 30 minutes per tray. Before implementing the new RFID system, Reading Hospital could not track lot numbers in crash cart trays and kits which would make it difficult to locate when medications were recalled. When the COVID-19 vaccine rolled out, Reading Hospital had incorrect vaccine counts. This pushed Reading Hospital to find an RFID solution from Kit Check and CCL Healthcare.

RFID Provides Visibility and Accountability

The system was implemented and enabled the facility to track a dramatically increased number of doses administered per day while reducing vaccine waste from doses stored for too long and preventing temperature excursions. RFID technology allows for accuracy in inventory management. It allows for visibility into what is in stock, what needs restocking, and it’s easy automation. RFID allows for data-backed decisions to optimize inventory with the ability to restock in 2-3 minutes versus 20-30 minutes.

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