Recap: The Evolving Cold Chain Market Course

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The first course in CCL Packaging University, The Evolving Cold Chain Market, explored remarkable technologies in the market that solve temperature safety concerns.  

The cold chain market is a fast-growing market as there are more vaccines, biosimilars, biologics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics that are being transported through the supply chain with the possibility of being exposed to unsafe temperatures. This course dynamically shows what is currently in the market to protect products from unsafe temperature excursion

Inks Tell a Story

It is fascinating how far inks have come to produce a specific chemical reaction to demonstrate temperature changes. It has evolved as far as indicating temperature ranges, exposure temperatures, and whether or not the product has been in a safe temperature range throughout its journey. Supply chain temperature exposures were once thought of as impossible to track, and advancements in research and development have allowed the use of different technologies to accomplish it.

Educated Decisions on Cold Chain Products

In The Evolving Cold Chain Market, several temperature indicators were introduced along with their use cases. This course is an excellent guide on what products currently exist in the market and all their capabilities. The course was easy to consume and very well composed. It provided a base of knowledge on the different temperature indicators, illustrated the different exposure environments and different circumstances where these products are a necessity. It demonstrated several instances where there were better products to serve a specific circumstance and dove into what other purposes it may have. The Evolving Cold Chain Market is an excellent course for someone looking for a base foundation on temperature indicating technologies to anyone who is a decision-maker looking for other solutions that can be a better fit for their product.

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