Printed Literature – Topserts

Pre-Serialized Topserts Folded Leaflets Printed Literature – Topserts A  printed literature topsert is a multi-fold leaflet with a glued closure formed from a single sheet of paper which is applied on top of the packages or bottles. Products Serialized: Has a printed serialization code on the Topsert or wafer seal making it easy to scan […]

Clear Self Adhesive Labels

Multi ply single layer 540 wrap around label

We offer single-ply, self-adhesive labels made from a variety of materials to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. These labels are suitable for a wide range of packaging types, ensuring versatility and adaptability in different applications.

Enhancing Healthcare with CCL eAgile’s RFID Solutions

Image Blog eAgile logo

Revolutionizing Healthcare: CCL eAgile’s Advanced RFID Solutions Enhancing Patient Safety and Workflow Efficiency in Hospitals In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology, CCL eAgile stands at the forefront, pioneering RFID solutions tailored to revolutionize patient safety and operational efficiency. With a focus on customized inlays for pharmaceuticals, groundbreaking encoding methods, and comprehensive Line Management […]

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