ECL – Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels

Multi-Wrap ECL on a Syringe

Packaging University in Toronto September 26-27th 2023 Reserve your Spot Now! ECL – Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels ECL (Expanded Content Labels) or Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels are specialized labeling solutions that offer additional space for product information, branding, and regulatory compliance. These labels typically consist of a base label that adheres to the product or packaging and […]

2- ply – Multipurpose Labels

peel off traceability label multi ply

Packaging University in Toronto September 26-27th 2023 Reserve your Spot Now! Multi-Ply Labels 2-Ply Multi-ply labels refer to labels that have multiple layers or plies. A 2-ply multi-ply label, in particular, has two layers of material that are typically glued or laminated together. The use of 2-ply multi-ply labels is common in applications that require […]

Braille Labels

braille label for pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical braille is a tactile writing system used to label medication packaging for individuals who are visually impaired or blind. Pharmaceutical braille labels are designed to provide important information about the medication, including dosage, administration instructions, and warnings, in a format that can be easily read and understood by individuals with visual impairments.

Pharmaceutical braille labels are typically created using a special printing process that embosses the braille text onto the label material. This process creates a raised surface that can be felt by touch, allowing individuals with visual impairments to read the label with their fingertips.

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