Patient Information Leaflets

Patient Information Leaflets Inserts/ Outserts A multi-folded leaflet is formed from a single sheet of paper. Patient Information Leaflets can be used in cartons as an insert or on the outside of a container, such as a bottle or an outsert. Benefits of Leaflets Provides space for detailed information such as product details and usage […]

ECL – Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels

Multi-Wrap ECL on a Syringe

ECL – Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels ECL (Expanded Content Labels) or Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels are specialized labeling solutions that offer additional space for product information, branding, and regulatory compliance. These labels typically consist of a base label that adheres to the product or packaging and an extended content label that folds out like a booklet. The […]

2- ply – Multipurpose Labels

peel off traceability label multi ply

Multi-Ply Labels 2-Ply Multi-ply labels refer to labels that have multiple layers or plies. A 2-ply multi-ply label, in particular, has two layers of material that are typically glued or laminated together. The use of 2-ply multi-ply labels is common in applications that require more durability or resistance to wear and tear. These labels can […]

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