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NFC Tamper Evidence

Smart Packaging - NFC Tamper Evidence

Tamper evident NFC labels can combine all the great security features of a tamper evident label with an integrated NFC tag that allows consumers to communicate with the product to see if it has been tampered with. It does this using a tamper evident loop that when unbroken will give a consumer a message that it is safe or that it has not been opened. When the loop is broken because the package has been opened the NFC tag will communicate that the package has been opened warning the consumer of the opened status. if the consumer has opened the package they can dismiss this message and be directed to rich multimedia information about the product. 

Overview of Smart Packaging

Smart labels and packaging connect brands with their consumers and consumers with the brands through their products. Smart packaging has the ability to change the packaging landscape, providing consumers and patients with a digital experience, authentication, medication adherence tracking, product re-ordering, loyalty programs, rewards, that traditional packaging can not achieve. Smart packaging can range from a label that can indicate that change in temperature, tampering, authenticity, to a full connected experience that can immerse and connect consumers and patients with a range of rich multimedia videos, gamification, and coupons to tracking health behaviors, medications, alerts and reminders. Capturing the critical data to promote healthy lifestyle changes to increase health outcomes.

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CCL Smart packaging Proof Point

Printed literature pads with a glued spine that allow sheets to be teared off individually. The pads can be customized to any page count. Glued pads contain Directions For Use (DFU), commonly used in pharmacies allowing the pharmacist to rip off a sheet per bottle of medication to give to the patient. 

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