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NFC Consumer Engagement

NFC consumer engagement enables brands to establish a direct connection with their customers, providing them with a comprehensive digital experience. By leveraging their existing media-rich digital assets such as videos, text-based content, social media channels, loyalty programs, rewards, augmented reality, and other digital resources, brands can use their packaging as the initial point of contact for customers and build trust and loyalty among them. Consumer engagement after the sales has the potential to up lift sales, build brand loyalty, and cross promote products.


Near Field Communication (NFC) Overview

Smart labels and packaging connect brands with their consumers and consumers with the brands through their products. Smart packaging has the ability to change the packaging landscape, providing consumers and patients with a digital experience, authentication, medication adherence tracking, product re-ordering, loyalty programs, rewards, that traditional packaging can not achieve. Smart packaging can range from a label that can indicate that change in temperature, tampering, authenticity, to a full connected experience that can immerse and connect consumers and patients with a range of rich multimedia videos, gamification, and coupons to tracking health behaviors, medications, alerts and reminders. Capturing the critical data to promote healthy lifestyle changes to increase health outcomes.

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Why CCL Healthcare for Smart Packaging

CCL Healthcare is a leading provider of smart labels and packaging solutions that help brands connect with their consumers in meaningful ways. With smart packaging, brands can provide consumers with a digital experience that traditional packaging simply can’t offer. This technology has the ability to transform the packaging landscape, providing a range of benefits to consumers and patients alike.

One of the most significant benefits of smart packaging is its ability to provide authentication and tamper-evident features. This ensures that consumers can trust the products they purchase and use, and can be confident that they are receiving genuine goods. Additionally, smart packaging can provide medication adherence tracking, enabling patients to monitor and manage their medication schedules more effectively.

Smart packaging also has the potential to enhance the consumer experience in other ways. For example, brands can use smart packaging to offer product re-ordering, loyalty programs, and rewards, incentivizing consumers to stay loyal to their brand. Brands can also use smart packaging to deliver a range of rich multimedia experiences, including videos, gamification, and coupons.

Beyond enhancing the consumer experience, smart packaging can also help to capture critical data that can be used to promote healthy lifestyle changes and increase health outcomes. For example, smart packaging can be used to track health behaviors, medications, and other health-related metrics, enabling healthcare providers to identify trends and develop more effective interventions.

Smart packaging represents a significant opportunity for brands to engage with their consumers in more meaningful ways, and for healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes by leveraging the power of technology. With CCL Healthcare at the forefront of this revolution, brands and consumers alike can look forward to a brighter future of smart packaging solutions.

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