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Multi-Ply Stick and Lift labels are a type of two-in-one label that provides an added layer of security to products. The label consists of a base label that is designed for permanent attachment to the product, and a specific part of the label that can be removed and transferred to another surface. This feature allows for the label to be used for multiple purposes, such as tracking information, providing dosage instructions, or ensuring that the product is used correctly.

The transferable part of the label is designed to be removed easily and without damage. It can be transferred to another surface, such as a patient chart or smaller containers of the same medication, for example. This process ensures a high level of security, as it makes it difficult for anyone to tamper with the label or the product without being detected.

The Multi-Ply Stick and Lift label is especially useful in the medical industry, where patient safety and medication security are of utmost importance. By using this type of label, medical professionals can ensure that the medication is being used correctly and that the patient’s medical records are up-to-date.

Overview of Multi-Ply- Stick and Lift Labels

Multi-Ply Labels are typically made with layers of pressure sensitive material with a hinge and a release agent that allows the top layer to be peeled back, opened, and resealed. This construction from CCL Healthcare facilitates the ability to repeatedly open and re-close the label meeting regulatory requirements. The construction of our label creates multiple printable surfaces. The interior panel’s surfaces are ideal for regulatory content or promotional coupons, and the front panel is great for displaying full brand graphics. Multi-Ply Labels are the perfect choice for brands that want to maintain their brand identity while meeting the regulatory requirements. Multi-Ply Labels are versatile and custom made for a large variety of containers in an array of shapes and sizes from front panels on a square bottle, folding cartons, or around cylindrical containers not limited to syringes, vials, bottles, and jars.

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