6 Page Stitched Booklet Label

Expanded Content Labels

6 Page Stitched Booklet Label

Stitched booklet labels are a versatile label solutions for the pharmaceutical and life science market, including the 6-page Expanded Content Label (ECL). These labels can be used on a variety of primary packaging types, including ampules, syringes, vials, cartons, and bottles, and can be applied with standard labeling equipment, making them an efficient choice for companies seeking to reduce the number of packaging components required to accommodate regulatory or language requirements.


One of the key benefits of ECLs is that they integrate a pressure-sensitive label, ensuring high-quality printing results and offering a range of features such as embellishments, brand security, imprinting options, back numbering, and durability. Additionally, ECLs are available in a large range of configurations and page counts, providing companies with a customizable solution that meets their specific needs.

What are ECL Booklet Labels or Booklet ECL's

Expanded Content Labels (ECLs) have emerged as an innovative label solution that addresses the challenge of providing extensive regulatory and patient information on healthcare packaging while maintaining brand identity, minimizing stock, and improving production line speed. The Booklet ECLs, in particular, offer a highly effective solution by condensing a large body of information into a compact label format, thereby reducing the number of packaging components required to accommodate regulatory or language requirements.


The Booklet ECLs are designed to accommodate a high volume of patient information, including multi-lingual and regulatory information, and are suitable for several types of packaging, including bottles, ampules, syringes, vials, and cartons. The panels of the ECL contain all the necessary information and requirements for the medication, which helps healthcare providers and patients alike make informed decisions about the product.


One of the key advantages of Booklet ECLs is that they offer an ideal platform for printing promotions, coupons, and other forms of communication with patients. This can be done by printing the information on the panels or by utilizing smart technologies such as serialization, NFC, RFID, and more. This allows manufacturers to engage with their customers more effectively and can enhance patient adherence to medication regimes.

ECLs offer a range of security features that ensure the integrity of the product and prevent counterfeiting. These features include back numbering, sequential or random numbering, holograms, and other anti-counterfeiting measures.

The Booklet ECLs offer a highly versatile and efficient solution that reduces administration, improves production line speed, and enhances security, while providing a comprehensive platform for displaying patient information and facilitating communication with patients.


Why choose CCL for Expanded Content Labels

CCL Healthcare’s commitment to providing high-quality Expanded Content Labels (ECLs) for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries is reflected in their investment in advanced equipment and highly qualified staff. The company ensures that its products exceed customers’ quality expectations by implementing robust standard operating procedures (SOPs) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) in their facilities. This enables them to remain market innovators and continuously expand their offerings to meet the unique demands of the industry. 


CCL Healthcare leads the way in quality control, investing heavily in vision verification systems that ensure every product is 100% verified and documented for traceability. The company operates under cGMP and ISO standards, maintaining temperature and humidity-controlled facilities for the manufacturing of their products. To ensure the highest quality of products, CCL Healthcare’s dedicated quality assurance team and production departments follow strict SOPs and CSPs in fully segregated manufacturing areas. 


With a global presence and manufacturing footprint across 34+ specialized healthcare sites, CCL Healthcare is able to provide customers with the highest level of service, technical expertise, and product innovation, no matter where they are located. This commitment to quality and innovation has allowed CCL Healthcare to maintain its position as a leader in the industry, delivering cost-effective and user-friendly solutions to meet the unique needs of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. 

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