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Expanded Content Labels

What Expanded Content Booklet Labels?

Expanded content booklet labels or extended content booklet labels or ECL’s booklets are a combination of pressure sensitive labels and loose folded outserts which creates a seamless integrated label reducing packaging components. These labels are a more cost-effective pharmaceutical packaging solution and are secure, user-friendly, and resealable. Extended content labels can be dispensed using standard labeling equipment, eliminating the concerns of upgrading or modifying packaging line equipment.

ECL booklets are used widely in the Pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. CCL Healthcare pioneered the booklet label advancing the design and formats to fit almost every type of container or package imaginable. ECL’s were created to address the ongoing concern of increased mandated copy by regulatory bodies. Since then inception of the ECL, CCL Healthcare has been the market innovator of expanded content label suppliers, developing booklet labels that push the boundaries of what is possible. CCL Healthcare has created formats that could accommodate up-to 184 pages, while still being able to contour to the shape of the container without flagging concerns. As more pharmaceutical regulatory information is required. CCL Healthcare continues to lead the way in innovative designs and has over 40 different formats and constructions to be utilized in several healthcare markets such as Pharmaceutical OTC, Medical Device, Biotechnology, Clinical trials, Cannabis, and more. ECL’s are now used today on a large spectrum of contains including but not limited to syringes, vials, bottles, oddly shaped containers, folding cartons, tubes, and just about any type of container on the market today. 

Booklet labels are the ideal solution when a large amount of content is required and or replacing pharmaceutical inserts, displaying multi-lingual information, and clinical trials requirements. ECLs replace the traditional solution for standard labels, inserts, and cartons, with a secure and user-friendly solution that condenses multiple components into one. Extended content labels can be customized based on your product’s specific needs including page or panel count, constructions, materials, tabs, imprinting method, and color combinations, delivering the most effective solution for your product requirements.

Benefits Expanded Content (ECL) Booklet Labels

ECL’s were developed to solve the labeling concerns in the packaging industry. This consists of the ability to display regulated copy, with standard environmental factors, lower packaging labor cost, reduce packaging waste, reduce inventory, and eliminate the chances of a mismatching label and leaflet. As ECL’s developed and became more functional, their use cases increased to include multilingual, OTC applications, smaller containers, delivering coupons, and promotional items just to name a few.

  • Endless range of shapes and sizes
  • Designed for flat surfaces and tight circumferences
  • User-friendly open tabs
  • Resealable throughout the products life
  • Maintaining brand identity
  • A cost-effective alternative to literature
  • Automatic label application using standard equipment

Other Benefits of Booklet labels 

An expanded content booklet label is a type of label that provides consumers with additional information about a product beyond what is typically included on a product label. Here are some benefits of an expanded content booklet label:

  1. More information for consumers: An expanded content booklet label allows manufacturers to provide consumers with more detailed information about a product, such as ingredients, usage instructions, warnings, and other relevant details.
  2. Improved transparency: An expanded content booklet label can help manufacturers be more transparent about their products and the production process. This can build trust with consumers and lead to increased brand loyalty.
  3. Compliance with regulations: In some cases, regulations require manufacturers to include certain information on product labels. An expanded content booklet label can help manufacturers comply with these regulations while still providing consumers with additional information.
  4. Differentiation from competitors: An expanded content booklet label can be a way for manufacturers to differentiate their products from competitors. By providing more information and transparency, consumers may be more likely to choose their product over others.
  5. Reduced packaging waste: By including additional information on a booklet label, manufacturers can reduce the need for additional packaging or inserts, which can help reduce waste and improve sustainability.

An expanded content booklet label can provide many benefits for both manufacturers and consumers, including increased transparency, compliance with regulations, and improved sustainability.


Expanded Content Label Options

ECL Page/Panel Counts


  • Stitched booklets: 4-184 pages
  • Glued bound booklets: 4-48 pages


  • Single Panel max: 16 panels
  • Multiple Ribbon glue bound max: 32 panels
  • Removable ECL leaflets allow the booklet to detach information without damaging the rest of the package.
  • Resealable ECL Leaflets allow the label to be opened and closed for repeated use. The leaflet label also has a resealable closure available in many different versions. It can be covered with a dirt repellent and attractive looking lamination.
Open Tab Positions

Tab opening direction options: left or right

Tab opening direction options: left or right

Tab opening direction options: left or right

Tab opening direction options: left or right

Base Construction

Full Base Label -Expanded Content Labels

Full Base Labels are designed for use on flat surfaces including cartons, kits and cards. The base spans the entire length of the ECL from edge to edge. Bases can be constructed from a large array materials and is offered Clear, White, Black, Opaque or metalized substrates.

Full Base Section Shown in Blue

Front Side of the Label

Partial Base Label -Expanded Content Labels

Partial Base Labels are designed for use with cylindrical clinical containers such as bottles, vials, canisters and syringes. Partial Bases are a small section of base that adheres to the container and allows the booklet to wrap around the curved surface, generally the tab section is used to adhere to the other side of the container, securing the booklet. Bases can be constructed from a large array materials and is offered Clear, White, Black, Opaque or metalized substrates.

Small Partial Base Section Shown in Blue

Large Partial Base shown in Blue

Front Side of the Label

Segmented Label Base Construction -Expanded Content Labels

Segmented label base constructions are used when it is necessary to wrap a booklet label around one or more edges of a box or carton. As illustrated below it uses “2 base section” so the label is able to bend and adhere correctly around corners or tight radiuses. It is important to have all the packaging component dimensions when designing this type of label. 

 2-Base Section Shown in Blue

Front Side of the Label

Other Available ECL Formats
  • Full Graphics OTC with ECL
  • Multi-Wrap
  • Encapsulated Tear off leaflet
  • Back label with leaflet
  • Back label with stitched booklet
  • Back label with glue bound booklet
  • Tear off leaflet with zipper opening
  • Clinical Booklets 
Available Imprinting Methods
  • Thermal transfer
  • Laser
  • Hot stamp
  • Data lase
Lamination Options

Patterned Lamination for Imprinting

Patterned Lamination leaves an unlamented area for Imprinting.

Label Example

Fully Laminated - ECL

Full Lamination shown in pink

Label Example

Compatible Container Types

ECL’s can be custom made for many types of packaging. The flexibility of ECL’s designs even allow the most difficult containers or primary package to accommodate an ECL.

  • Round Bottle
  • Square Bottle
  • Vial
  • Syringe
  • Ampule
  • Carton
  • Auto Injector
  • and More

ECL Questions?

Not sure of what you need for your application ? One of our packaging specialists will be glad to help.

Why choose CCL for Expanded Content Labels?

CCL Healthcare takes pride in our pharmaceutical and healthcare Expanded Content Labels, which are printed using state-of-the-art equipment in the industry. Our highly trained and qualified staff, combined with our rigorous SOPs and cGMP facilities, enable us to exceed our customers’ quality expectations. By investing in advanced equipment and skilled personnel, we continuously innovate and expand our secondary packaging offerings to meet the unique challenges of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Our commitment to quality is unmatched, as we are the market leader in investing heavily in vision verification systems and setting the standard for pharmaceutical printing. This standard ensures that every product is 100% verified and documented for traceability. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to cGMP and ISO standards, and we maintain temperature and humidity-controlled environments. Our quality assurance team and production departments strictly follow SOPs and CSPs in fully segregated manufacturing areas. With a global presence and 34+ specialized healthcare sites, we can help you expand your reach anywhere in the world. Our experienced staff provides the highest level of service, technical expertise, and product innovation to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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