Conventional Clinical Labeling


Multiple-Panel Conventional Labels

Clinical multiple-panel labels are labels that contain multiple panels or sides of information related to a medication or medical device. Unlike single panel clinical labels, which provide all relevant information on a single panel, multiple-panel labels are used when additional information needs to be provided that may not fit on a single panel.

Quality Built Into Every Product & Process

CCL Healthcare adheres to strict guidelines in all of our manufacturing processes and conforms to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to achieve manufacturing excellence and deliver the highest quality products for every client, every time. We’ve established effective processes that are clearly defined and controlled to ensure consistency and compliance with all your job specifications. Our quality systems have been integrated into every step of our process to assure that each critical interaction is controlled with precision. SOP’s are continually reviewed and updated as necessary and all of our staff receive extensive SOP training throughout each year.

When you contract with CCL Healthcare, you can be assured that quality is built into every finished product and into every step of the manufacturing process as well.

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