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Clinical Two Base Booklet Labels

Clinical two base booklet labels are an essential tool in the pharmaceutical industry for ensuring the safety and efficacy of drugs. These labels are specifically designed to be applied to flat surfaces such as cartons and blister cards. They are made up of two parts: a full base label and a booklet label.

The full base label serves as the primary label and can be designed with a clear or opaque back. A clear back is used when the information on the surface behind the label needs to be visible. An opaque back is used when the surface behind the label needs to be masked, such as when the information on the package is confidential or when the label is applied to a dark background.

The booklet label is attached to the full base label and is designed with a black opaque back to prevent any information from showing through. It serves as an additional source of information for the consumer, providing detailed instructions on how to use the medication, possible side effects, and other important information.

Clinical two base booklet labels play a crucial role in ensuring that pharmaceutical products are used safely and effectively. By providing clear and concise information, they help to reduce the risk of medication errors and ensure that patients are receiving the proper care they need.

Clinical Trial Booklet Labels

Clinical Booklet Labels are used when conducting global clinical trials where flexibility to distribute the clinical supplies to a range of international locations is necessary. This is accomplished by creating a booklet of pages that contain label text for multiple languages, positioned inside a reseal-able cover. The clinical booklet labels can then be adhered to various packages for multinational trials. The labels are designed in several different configurations dependent upon the clinical dispenser or layer of packaging they are being applied to. All our booklet labels can be opened and resealed to gain access to the data on the individual pages when required.

CCL Healthcare’s booklet labels are state-of-the-art in design, manufacture and production utilizing the highest quality labeling materials and are computer generated in our GMP facility.

Two Base Clinical Trials Booklet Labels

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General Clinical Booklet Label Information

Bases are available in white, opaque or clear. White label bases are used for labeling new blank components. Opaque base labels can be used to cover up existing materials or other data such as pre-stamped lot information. Clear base labels are used when it is necessary to see into the container to use the product. The picture of the vial is of a clear base label.

Multiple removable panels with adhesive backing can also be incorporated into all of the booklet label designs. These panels can be used to verify drug usage in case books or document other clinical requirements at the time of distribution or dispensing. Many clinical trials necessitate the need for cold temperature storage of the drug entities. We can manufacturer these labels with cryo adhesives that are specifically designed for these types of environments.

Clinical Booklet labels can be provided on rolls for automatic or hand application, or fanfolded. In each case, we label the roll or bundle with starting and ending variable data labels so that you know which label segment is contained on each unit of supply. Covers of booklets can be supplied with full cover tints to provide clinical differentiation of similar materials. Variable data can be printed on each label including randomization codes, lot information and dating as text or and as barcodes. 2-D and linear barcode symbologies can be implemented.

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