ECL – Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels

Multi-Wrap ECL on a Syringe

ECL – Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels ECL (Expanded Content Labels) or Multi-Wrap Booklet Labels are specialized labeling solutions that offer additional space for product information, branding, and regulatory compliance. These labels typically consist of a base label that adheres to the product or packaging and an extended content label that folds out like a booklet. The […]

Expanded Content Labels (ECL)

Expanded content label with 36 pages

An Expanded Content Label (ECL) is a booklet or leaflet encompassed into a self adhesive, fully laminated label with an adhesive tab. This multi-page solution is generally suitable for a wide variety of packaging types and is ideal for directions for use, informative labelling and multilingual information.

Multi-Panel Labels

11 panel Expanded Content Label Open

Multi-panel labels, also known as extended content labels, are becoming increasingly common in the pharmaceutical industry. These labels consist of multiple panels that can be folded out to reveal additional information about the product, such as dosage instructions, contraindications, and potential side effects. The use of multi-panel labels for pharmaceuticals is driven by a need to provide consumers with comprehensive information while also ensuring that packaging remains compact and easy to transport.

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